Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'About a Boy' -- SPN 10x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yeah, I'm getting the impression more and more that we aren't going to see the end of the Mark as far as Dean is concerned. It's looking like he's just going to have to keep it around ... until he can somehow figure out someone else to give it to (the way that Cain did), but that it will likely remain with him for a long, long time ... and that he may end up living longer than he has any right to (and not just cuz of the kind of life that he leads).

When he showed Sam that the Mark wasn't on his arm anymore once he had been turned into a teenager, and they tried to make it seem like there might be a chance that the boys would think about Dean remaining a teen so he didn't have to have it anymore, the writers didn't do well enough with that. It's not just a foregone conclusion that they were going to bring back Jensen, but if the writers had done a better job, it might have at least appeared that they were actually considering having the change be permanent. Hell, they could have even left Dean a teenager until next episode to try to make it look like they were really thinking about it, but that would mean that the show did something that wasn't a complete Kripke move.

And the thing that is bothering me about this episode: if their clothes fell to the ground (and were left behind) when they were turned into teens), that would mean that they were transported to the witch's house naked, right? And Hansel probably had to dress them again in clothes that would now fit them, right? That's kind of ick enough as it is (especially when you're thinking that he had to do it for what was now, essentially, a teenage girl), but what I am really wondering (since I don't want to consider that other part too much) is why teen!Dean's clothes still fit Jensen!Dean? The jacket was a little short in the arms, but they should have been a lot more tight on him than they were. That may have been kind of awkward in the jean region, but all they would have to do would be to hide Jensen behind some furniture after the action slowed down, and then, have the boys have their little talk with Tina outside after Sam was able to find some bigger clothes (probably something worn by Hansel) for Dean to change into. Yes, this is the sort of thing that my brain latches onto and wants to make sense out of, even though I know that I shouldn't be worrying about it where genre television is concerned.

Another mention of the Grand Coven ... and from someone other than from Crowley's mom. I have the feeling that the writers are going to be making the attempt to try for something kind of big where the Grand Coven is involved, but I'm not really holding my breath that it's going to be anything close to as awesome as what it could be. I'm kind of hoping that the boys will have to ally themselves with the Grand Coven to deal with Crowley's mom, and that we won't be seeing her anymore after the end of the season. I doubt that they're going to make a serious move against Crowley, however. They might make the motions, but the boys (Dean specifically) will probably do something to protect him.

But the fact that the Grand Coven has a problem with Crowley's mom, but not with the witch that captured Hansel and Gretel (and who continues to kill and eat people) makes me wonder about them. Crowley's mom made it sound like they weren't cool with hurting people, and we've seen witches before that have been at least good enough people that they weren't willing to hurt others (even if they have been kind of questionable when it comes to some of their other morals), so I'm not entirely sure about them (or if the writers are being entirely consistent where they are involved).

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