Monday, February 16, 2015

'Trial by Fire' -- Grimm 4x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, look at that, Juliette decided to tell Nick about becoming a hexenbiest. I guess that the writers decided that they weren't going to drag it out like they might have done. I'm really glad about that, since I would rather they get that fight over with, and get everyone on the same page about what's going on. I don't see Nick not having a bit of a problem with it at first, what with what is supposed to be a Grimm's tendency toward not wanting to have anything to do with hexenbiests, and with it being a complete shock, but I'm sure that he'll remember that he loves her (and that she's still the same person that she was before this happened). So, I still think that things will get somewhat back to normal before too long (even if he might still get a bit hinky about what she is now every once in a while ... but even then, I'm sure he'll kick himself and remember that it only happened, cuz she was helping him to become a Grimm again, and they were both trying to help Monroe).

Speaking of Monroe, good on him for learning from the things that have happened recently (and listening to what Rosalee was telling him) and put his own hang ups somewhat behind him ... at least enough so that he could help to find dude who had killed those two teenagers. He's a good guy, and it was only a matter of time before his good sense won out.

I guess that Adalind can fight a little bit more than what I was giving her credit for, what with her being someone who relies more on her looks than anything else. Still, it was nice to see Juliette beat the hell out of her ... mostly, cuz I have a hard time not wanting bad things to happen to her after all of the bad things that she's done to everyone in the gang.

I really wish that the dude that Renard had gotten to look into Diana's whereabouts wasn't passing information on to his cousin, since I don't want Diana to end up in the hands of the royals, but I can't say that I'm surprised about it happening. All of the royals are bit too sneaky for something like that to not be happening. And I kind of wish that Adalind would be more leery about accepting help from a royal to find Diana, since she should know by now that she can't trust them to do what they are claiming to do (since they only say what they need to in order to get what they want).

Also, as far as there being a bounty on Nick's head now, I'm really hoping that the writers don't put that so far on the back burner that people forget about it, since it could be really interesting. I'm not saying there should be something all the time where that is concerned, but something every once in a while would still be cool. And I also cannot be the only one who is now wondering what would happen if this new "phoenix" wesen had a child with one of the "dragon" wesen. The idea of it amuses me to no end.

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