Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'Spellcaster' -- SH 2x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, look at that ... Henry isn't really dead, and Irving is playing Team Witness, cuz he's turned evil. Color me mock surprised; yeah, totes didn't see that one coming. Ptsh. I really wish that I could say that I didn't see that one coming ... at least as far as Henry being alive (cuz I figured that he really was). I really did hope that Irving was going to turn out to be on Team Witness (and not be colored by evil cuz of what Henry had done to him), but after Katrina was hit in the face by Henry's magic, I can't say that it isn't surprising that he's been playing them. And even though Henry said that he was trying to turn over a new leaf and not be a "wolf," I get the feeling that he and Irving had been together for at least a part of the time that Irving was supposed to have been dead, and the two of them were coming up with some sort of plan for ... something. They probably didn't have any idea of the grimoire being something that the needed to keep an eye out for until Homeboy Warlock tried to go after it (or maybe a little bit before that), so they may not have been looking for that specifically; Iriving was interacting with Team Witness again before the grimoire went to the auction house, so unless Irving and Henry are able to communicate telepathically, there probably isn't much of a chance that they were looking for it. Irving probably grabbed it cuz it seemed like something that Henry would have wanted, and he had the opportunity to get it without suspicion.

So, Katrina is turning evil? I am hoping that this is something that turns out to stay though the duration of the show ... or at least for a while. Maybe now we will be able to see her be the badass that we were promised that she was, and I can fully appreciate that. What I would kind of love to see is her teaming up with Henry and Irving, be completely evil, and Abbie and Jenny have to tap into their family magic to stop Katrina from doing something completely awful (while Captain Skinnyjeans went after Henry ... I am starting to get the impression that Ichabod is the only one who will be able to stop Henry. His comment about "who needs a father anyway" made me kind of suspicious, and I think there is more significance to it than just his daddy issues). And since Death is supposed to be important with some of those who were following Moloch thinking that he is the new Power, I wonder what that's going to mean for Henry trying to become the new Power. If the writers do it correctly, it might be kind of interesting to see Bram become an ally of convenience with Team Witness.

Also, since when does Abbie call Katrina "Kat"? I didn't know that Katrina liked having a nickname, or that the two of them were cool enough that a nickname would have been given (or received).

I really like the idea that Katrina's powers are used by tapping into nature, and that others might also tap into nature the way that she does, or that they may tap into the phases of the moon, or fire, or something else specific. It kin of reminds me of the witches that are in the Jane Yellowrock books, but I'm sure that it's something that's more common than just "Sleepy Hollow" and that serious of books (I'm just not familiar enough with Wicca to know if that's the case, especially since my interest leans more toward Germanic neo-paganism), and I think that it's a pretty cool idea that a person's natural talents will pull magic more easily from a certain source (like nature, or water, or the moon, or fire, or the earth).

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