Thursday, February 12, 2015

'Fork in the Road' -- Suits 4x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Is it just me, or does the guy who plays Mike look kind of like Chris Hardwick? It may have a little more to do with the fact that their both skinny, the general shape of their faces, and the way they do their hair more than anything else; but as I was watching this episode, I don't know why it struck me so strongly that they kind of look like each other inside of my head.

So, now we have a little bit of an explanation of where the bad blood came from between Harvey and Luis ... other than just that Harvey is kind of a bully, and Luis is kind of a jackass (and that the two of them are too different to really be great friends, without there being some kind of common ground between them, and the two of them really wanting to be friends (and both consciously working at it)). Yeah, the two of them have been able to make the peace with each other in the past, but they are so different from each other (their personalities, their interests, their motives ...), I don't see it ever really becoming easier for them as far as being friends is concerned; it seems like it's always going to be an uphill battle for them, and they're always going to have to make a conscious effort to at least be civil with each other.

I'm so glad that Daniel isn't a regular on the show anymore. It was good having him as an antagonist for a while (and maybe again every once in a while in a flashback episode), but if he were a series regular, I think I'd be hoping that a comet would crash into the building, or something. The guy makes me want horrible things to happen to him (cuz of how much of a horrible person he is).

Another person I am glad isn't a regular on the show anymore? Trevor. There's another one that makes me want to bitchslap him upside the head. Yeah, it was a flashback episode, so there was going to be some Trevor in it, but ... I really could do without him; the guy was bad news.

But it was awesome to see Grammy again!! Oh, how I missed her!! It sucks so much that they killed her off, and I really wish that they hadn't. I can see how the writers may have thought that there was only so much that they could have done with her character, and they were possibly wanting to create some great tension within the story by killing her off, but ... she was such a great character, and I wish she could have stayed (and not just cuz she was good for Mike to have around, and I lived the interactions between Mike and Grammy).

So, now we've gotten some forgiveness for Mike from Luis. Maybe now Luis can get on board with being a secret keeper, and he won't keep lashing out at everybody about how they kept it from him (even though it was kind of stupid to think that they would have just come out and told him, and if he really thought about it, he would have understood why they would have not wanted that many people to know about it ... despite being friends with Mike). Now that he's on board, I can see him being a great secret keeper, since it seems like as soon as he decides that he's going to go all in, he is all in and does whatever he can to make sure that things are taken care of. And hopefully now he can be friends with the others again. Sure, he makes things hard for other people when it comes to being friends with him, but they are his friends, and I hope that he sees that. I don't like it when they have huge fights like that, and not just cuz it alienates Luis from everyone else.

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