Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Maréchaussée' -- Grimm 4x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, Juliette doesn't just get to wish away the hexenbiest inside of her. Good. I didn't want it to go away, but even if it did, I didn't want it to be an easy fix (if it does go away, I want her to have to fight for it, instead of just, "Oh, hai, just drink some Grimm blood" or something). And even if things are kind of touch and go between her and Nick at first, once she tells him about what's been going on, I think that not only will the two of them become stronger for her being honest with him, but I still think that having a hexenbiest on Team Grimm will be a good thing. I would really like it if the writers didn't have her go to full power right away ... I'd like it much better if it took her time to figure out what she was doing, and if she had to get all sorts of training (maybe from a few different people, who have a specialty in a certain kind of spell, or form of spells), since the writers are setting her up to be all kinds of powerful, and it seems like there might be a danger of turning her into deus ex machina. And even if they hadn't made it canon that those who were made instead of born were powerful, I would still think that Juliette would pwn Adalind as far as being a hexenbiest goes. Adalind seems to take her heritage for granted, relying more on her looks, and doesn't seem like she's someone who would have tried to learn how to be a kick ass witch (in addition to someone who can manipulate other people ... although, she's not all that fantastic at that either, only really having success with people who aren't really ready for what she's doing).

I'm really hoping that the writers aren't going to drag out this whole thing with Juliette not telling Nick about what's going on with her, and waiting until he gets so suspicious about what's been happening with her that he calls her out on his suspicions. Yeah, Nick waited quite a while before telling her about being a Grimm, and she's nervous about telling him about being a hexenbiest cuz of both of their feelings about the hexenbiests that they have met (with the possible exception of Elizabeth, who they at least seem to not hate the way that they have all of the others). I don't see how keeping it from him for a long time won't end up having some consequences that will take some time for them both to get over, and I would rather not have that, since I want the two of them to be solid with each other the way that Monroe and Rosalee are.

Good on Wu!! I love, love, love the fact that he's jumped in with both feet, doing as much research as he can on his own, and being able to apply the things that he's starting to learn in a real world scenario. Other people may have kind of taken it for granted that there were other people around him who knew more of what was going on, and might rely more on them for the information about the Wesen world. If I didn't think that it would be kind of awesome if the kid and Josh became the librarians of the Grimms (kind of something like the Watchers in "Highlander"), I would think that Wu should start up something like that ... and if things didn't have the potential of being really tense between Wu and the kid, I'd say that he should touch base with them and help somewhat with the starting of The Ultimate Codex of Grimm and Wesen Stuffs.

I think that it's kind of interesting that when Adalind, Renard, and Viktor were talking about Diana, they kept saying "the child," instead of using her name (at least Sean and Viktor were). There may be nothing to that, except for the writers giving us an auditory clue of what Diana actually means to them, and that by being with the royals, she would be nothing more than a tool for power. Renard may be right in that Kelly didn't take Diana very far, but I'm hoping that it won't be easy for anyone to find her. It's not just that I would like it very much if she didn't end up in the clutches of the royals, or that she may be a deus ex machina as far as the royals are concerned, but it would be very interesting if she were raised by a Grimm (how would Grimm/Wesen relations be affected by having such a powerful hexenbiest raised by a Grimm? I think that is just as interesting a question as what would happen if a Grimm had children with a Wesen).

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