Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'The Executioner's Song' -- SPN 10x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, that didn't last anywhere as long as I was expecting. I figured that the fight with Cain might have lasted a bit longer than it did ... but I don't know why I'm surprised, since this is SPN (they're all about the build up, and not much about the execution). It would have been all manner of better if it felt like Cain was actually putting up a fight against Dean, since he reportedly was now not wanting to die (and wanted to get rid of all of those who were his descendants). If that's not what was really going on ... if he was still tired and really wanted to die ... the writers should have backed that up a little bit more, instead of having him go through all the trouble of putting up a fight, and then, just letting Dean finish him off. The whole thing was so very disappointing.

So, now, we're supposed to think that there really isn't any way that Dean isn't going to turn into a killer? That cuz of the life that they lead (killing monsters and whatnot) that he will never really ever be safe from the Mark (since Cain only really was able to be chill for so long cuz he had ditched the First Blade, and stopped doing pretty much anything at all ... only trying to live his life off the radar). But since there isn't much chance of Dean giving up the fight, since that's not what he's about (even when he tried, he was miserable, and he practically ran back into it when he realized that Sam was still alive), he's probably always going to be a danger to himself and everyone else that he's around.

I am glad, however, that Cas is now the one who knows where the First Blade is hidden, instead of Crowley. While Crowley is good for a laugh or two (or at least he was until his mom came into the picture), having to go to him to get the Blade if they needed it wasn't something that was entirely ideal ... besides the fact that having it in the possession of the King of Hell isn't something that seems like they should be ok with, since he can use it against them (even if he is a complete fanboy, and wants to hang out with them as much as he possibly can).

The whole thing with the Grand Coven seems like it might be something that would be interesting, and I wish that the writers would start going in that direction, instead of staying on the thing with the Mark. Dean becoming emo over the Mark isn't as entertaining as they may think that it is. I liked him much better when he was woobie, and not so much now that he's all about being emo.

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