Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Intent' -- Suits 4x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

OMG!! I am so glad that it looks like Donna isn't about to be written off the show, since I need to have Donna in my life. She is everything that is good and awesome in the world, and that is no lie. I am not sure how much I would have continued to enjoy the show if Donna had been written off of it, since she is so thoroughly awesome.

Her relationship with Harvey ... holy hell. The two of them really need to get on the same page about stuff, since that would make things so very much easier on everyone. It's not likely to get any more touchy feely between the two of them than what it is now, since that's just now how they roll, but it would be nice if they could actually say what they mean without any hang-ups getting in their way (but their hang-ups are part of the reason why they are so awesome at what they do, and why I love them both). The thing is that I think that if she hadn't been so scared that she was about to go to prison, she probably would have seen what Harvey was doing, and she wouldn't have needed him to actually tell her that everything was going to be ok (but he was scared, so she did need to hear those words from him ... and I think that if he wasn't so scared that she might go to prison, he might have been more able to see that she needed to hear the words from him that she got from Luis).

And the fact that he kept saying through the episode about how she was different than everyone else ... in normal circumstances, that would have been a throwaway comment, but in this instance it wasn't. The way that this episode was played made those comments add even more weight (or a different weight) to him telling her that he loved her at the end of the episode. In a different episode (where her whole life might not have been ruined by what was going on in the episode), him telling her that he loved her might have been brushed off as him having a rare moment of showing feelings for a bestie (and someone that he knew that he could trust), but with those comments from earlier (and how scared he was that he might be able to protect her like he wanted to), him telling her that he loved her ... I kind of wish this would mean that the two of them would get together, but I have the feeling that the writers are going to go no farther than acknowledging that the two of them really are in love with each other, but because of how well they work together, they aren't going to ruin their working relationship to complicate it with a personal relationship.

I can't seem to make myself care about the fact that Jeff quit, since he outlived his usefulness to the show. The guy really only should have lasted a few episodes, but it was his relationship with Jessica that saved him from getting canned. He wasn't really adding anything to the show as one of the attorneys (since we didn't see him do much of anything after his initial few episodes). And after a while, his scenes were a bit too repetitive (him getting upset that Jessica wouldn't tell him what was really going on, and her being cagey about it); there's really only so many times that you can rehash that one scene before you have the character branch out in some other direction, or you write him/her off.

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