Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Almost Human"

I really didn't intend to get hooked on "Almost Human," but I kind of think that I have. I'm not entirely sure if it's helping the show or not that whenever Karl Urban is on screen, I keep going back and forth between when McCoy first met Kirk and when Éomer finds Éowyn on the Pelennor (a scene which still kills me, BTW. ETA: And I still love the fact that Aragorn and Gandalf are just standing around watching Éomer loose his mind over his sister, as though his grief is a fucking show. Way to go, guys).

There have been several times already where the show has made me giggle like a mad thing and have to rewatch whatever the scene was that made me giggle. I am kind of needing to give the writers a big hug for that fact, since so many shows out there are supposed to be funny, but I think that they're just dumb.

Also with the love for the writers? The way that they've played with the human v. robot thing. Of the two main characters, the one that's the android is played as being way more human, and the human character is played as being cut off from his feelings (and way more robotic ... and not able to interact with people all that well).

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