Monday, December 9, 2013

'Stories We Tell Our Young' -- Grimm 3x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, I have to give to the writers on this episode for actually having Nick go to Monroe and Rosalee and ask them a question about Wesen stuff (unlike what they've been doing with him and the whole "how do they know that I'm a grimm" thing). But I seem to get the impression that whoever wrote this episode couldn't help zirself and had to have Monroe and Rosalee go all confusing with the informations (and make sure that even though the question was actually asked this time, we still are no closer to getting any clearer idea of what the answer is than when we were when they first walked into the shop).

I almost want to say that we could use the captain as proof that a Wesen and a ... I can't remember the term for "normal schmuck," but that ... could have a baby, and the baby might be at least a little bit Wesen, but I'm not sure that he would be the best of examples. Even if the royals aren't Wesen (by the strictest use of the term), I don't get the idea that they're entirely human either. I almost get the impression that they're almost like Grimms, where they can't woge the way a Wesen would, but without the Grimm abilities. So, maybe they're something between Juliette and Nick in terms of what they are physically.

I'm really hoping that this whole thing doesn't come between Monroe and Rosalee, since they are so good together. I hope that they both realize that the other did what s/he felt like was the right thing to do (even if those things might have seemed like they were in opposition to each other). I want the two of them to stay together forever and ever and ever. Word.

Also, it was completely fantastic that Juliette was helping Nick to write in his Book of Shadows (or whatever fandom is calling it ... that just happens to be what I'm calling it). Like I said before, it's kind of amazing to see that she's jumped in feet first with all of this, and that it isn't scaring her away from Nick. I know that I'm in the minority on this one, but I like her, and I want the two of them to stay together to make fat little Grimm babies. It was also kind of fantastic to have her on the case on this one, what with her background. Sure, she's an animal doctor, but it would still give her a bit of footing when trying to help the gang figure things out when it comes to medical stuff.

It was interesting to see the writers use something this week that didn't have anything to do with the Wesen, but seemed to be something that the Wesen were kind of afraid of (like a boogeyman ... other than Grimms that is).

And I'm curious as to what the counsel is thinking about Nick. Dude said that Nick wasn't like the other Grimms that they have come across, but that doesn't give us a clue as to whether that's good or bad (though, I think that we're supposed to think that it might be a good thing). Maybe Nick's growing reputation as a "good" Grimm will get him even more allies in the Wesen world ... and maybe that will help the captain in taking down the royals.

Speaking of the captain ... I am so looking forward to watching him be a badass. I have a feeling that his family has underestimated him up to this point, and I think that they're going to get boned cuz of it. Oh, family. You had your chance to play nice. Too late.

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