Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lovecraft + King = Weird dreams.

I've been tearing through The Skeleton Crew lately. After reading Firestarter, I wanted to be able to go through some short stories, and I had been wanting to read The Mist. So, I finished reading The Mist a couple of days ago (which is the first story in the book), and now I'm in the midst of the second to last story of the book. And earlier I dreamt that I was stuck in this supermarket with bags of fertilizer in front of the front doors to keep the monsters out (and at some point, a guy started getting the crap kicked out of him, which I think had something to do with the story "Nona").

::shakes fist at Papa King::

But I suppose that's what happens when you down a bunch of creepy stories in a row. They're bund to give you Lovecraftian dreams ... especially when they're written by Stephen Freaking King.

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