Sunday, December 1, 2013

'El Cucuy' -- Grimm 3x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I would really like to know what the hell is going on with Nick's mom, cuz I have a feeling that there is far more going on than what Nick is suspecting right now. I'm also wondering why it is that she got into contact with him at all, since it seemed like she was going to bail and not come back into his life again (not now that she had the coins). And I'm kind of torn as to whether or not she actually cared about him at all. The way that she said that he was just like his father sounded so much like a cut down of both of them that it made me think that she planned her husband's death (as well as the death of her friend that everyone thought was her), and not just cuz it might have made people think that she was dead (and possibly get some heat off of her from all of the enemies that it seems that she has made over the years). I don't get the feeling that she has felt guilty about not being in his life all of this time, and she had only gotten in contact with him before cuz she had found out that the coins were in his possession. ::shakes fist at his mom::

I'm also getting the feeling that Juliette is going to be the go to girl when it comes to research. She really seems to dig it (the way a little kid would dig going to the park or getting ice cream), but sometimes she seems to dig it in almost a scary sort of way. The way that she went after the IP addy that the email from his mom came from ... that was kind of freaky, cuz she seemed so manic about trying to find out what the hell was going on (even if it might have come back to bite her in the ass, since (for all we know) the email might not have come from his mom at all, and it might have been one of the royals (or someone we haven't encountered yet) trying to do something sneaky). Still, I completely stand by what I was thinking about her last season (in that she would be a fantastic addition to the Scooby gang, and the best mommy to baby grimms ever (as well as a pretty good grimm SO)).

It seems like Nick maybe should have mentioned before that he had seen his mom again (and that she was still alive), as well as the fact that being a grimm is hereditary, since those are things that might be kind of important to their future together ... even if he hasn't really had the time to tell her just yet, and it may have slipped his mind with everything else that has been going on (like being turned into a zombie and killing a dude).

And can I just say how much I completely adored the dinner scene? Cuz I did. It was one of my most favorite of all the scenes of the entire show. Finally, all of the Scoobs are in the fight together, just like they should have been the entire time.

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