Saturday, December 14, 2013

'Twelve Days of Krampus' -- Grimm 3x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, how I loved this particular episode. It made me all kinds of happy on the inside. I loved the idea of them using Krampus in the Grimm universe, and that he didn't know what or who he really was (once he was no longer Krampus and was back to being a regular schmuck). It brought a new aspect to the mythos in general, and brought an interesting question of what do you do when someone doesn't know what or who s/he is, and can you really blame one aspect of a person's personality if another aspect of themselves is doing something outside of their knowledge or control. I suppose that bringing Krampus to the council's attention (once they knew who he was when he wasn't in his serial killer form) was the best thing that they could do under the circumstances, but it still doesn't mean that Nick won't have blood on his hands if the council decides to hill the guy (which they very well may do, seeing as how they were so willing to kill a child a couple of episodes ago when they didn't understand what was going on with the kid). Still, even if turning the guy over to the council means that they're going to kill him, I'm still glad that Nick didn't have to pull the trigger himself; I didn't like the idea of him having to do it cuz he felt like he had to, when he felt so conflicted about the whole thing.

But the fact that the guy who turns into Kramus ... shouldn't he be a little more worried about the fact that he knows this happens every year? And should he be able to hold down a job, or be able to pay for a mortgage, or remain married (if he is), or look like he is healthy and well-fed without someone stopping and piecing something together? I would have thought that maybe he would have been the first one to have pieced together the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the fact that he blacks out for three weeks every year, or that he ends up in random other parts of the country. If he has only been living in his current home for the past three years, was it cuz he had to move cuz he (or the police) figured out that there was something fishy about the fact that there were all of these murders going on during the time that he was blacked out? And if he had to move, would he have also had to get a new job? If so, what job is going to give him three weeks off every December (especially if he's new)? And if he hasn't been around long enough to get enough sonority to let him get that amount of time off, how is he able to hold down a job? I NEED SOME ANSWERS!!!!!!!

And I suppose that we know now that the writers really are going to continue to give Nick super powers that he will be able to use in later episodes. First, it was the super hearing. Now, it's the zombie abilities (which will stop him from being choked out by the crazies that want to try to kill him with their bare hands). I still want to know if this is something that happens to all Grimms (where they adapt to the things that happen to them so that they are more efficient killers), or if it's just something that happens to the people that are in Nick's famiy (I still like my idea that the Grimms started off being a mutation of a form of Wesen and that's why they are able to see Wesen in Woge form, and I think that I might be able to headcanon Nick going into zombie form (and even his sonic hearing) if I say that he is able to adapt to the things that happen to him that happen cuz of Wesen using their abilities on him).

Was I the only one who went, "::snort:: Of course Bud knows where the tallest tree is. He's a freaking beaver"? Bringing Bud into the episode just for that scene seemed a little bit sloppy to me, but I suppose that they may have needed something to move the plot along a little bit and make sure that the Scoobs were able to get the kids before they were eaten.

I also like the idea that Wu might be a Grimm that was put forth here. Wouldn't that be fantastic if he was? It makes me feel a little bit better that he's just on that side of being told everything that is going on. And who would suspect Wu of being a Grimm, what with him being the comedic sidekick to the Nick and Hank? It would make sure that he was able to help them out much more than they are aware of.

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