Sunday, December 1, 2013

'The Good, the Bad and the Baby' -- Castle 6x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

First of all ... writers ... Oxford comma. Seriously. It's your friend. The Oxford comma is only one of the best punctuation marks ever. Why? Cuz if you invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin to your party, what you are actually doing is inviting two strippers who also happen to be JFK and Stalin (not that you invited strippers, JFK, and Stalin as three different things). So, please, start using it. It will make me immensely happy on the inside.

I suppose that it was kind of natural that Castle might take some of his previous experiences and bring them into his current life (even if he's dealing with a different person than he was with Alexis's mom). I will give it to Beckett that she at least seemed like she would be willing to be the mom when/if the two of them have kids of their own. But I wonder if she would have even wanted to have kids in the first place if the idea hadn't been put in her head by the supposed time traveler. She doesn't exactly seem like the type who would want to be a mom (a step-mom type, maybe, but not necessarily a bio mom herself). She's always kind of struck me as the type who puts work on the front burner, even though she does love Castle. And when you put work on the front burner that way, it isn't always the best for having a family.

That being said, it's quite possible that if she really decides that she wants to go all in with the whole family things that she would at least try to do her best ... even if her best might not always be completely right. Hell, the way that she treats Castle so much of the time makes me kind of wonder if she wouldn't sometimes need someone to slap her upside the head when it comes to the kiddies as well (since she can be so all about herself, and kind of missing of the point ... to the point that it almost seems like she's doing it on purpose).

Poor Ryan. He really is all thumbs when it comes to babies, isn't he? But I have the feeling that things will be different when it's his own baby, and not just cuz he's going to love the bugger like all get out. It seems like he'll try really hard to get as close to right as he possibly can when it's time. He's just a sweet boy, and I really need to pinch those little cheeks of his ... hard. And if I didn't know any better, I'd almost think that not!Cosmo was doing it on purpose, crying to mess with Ryan's poor little mind. It certainly seems like the way to go to me.

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