Sunday, May 18, 2014

'Blond Ambition' -- Grimm 3x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, look at that ... Adalind used a spell to get rid of Nick's Grimmy abilities. Who called that? This guy.

So, now we'll have a reason to keep the kid around (since she's the only one around now who has any Grimmy abilities. Of course, this will mean that she will need to get caught up with all of (or at least most of) the stuff that the gang has been dealing with latterly. That will mean letting her know at least part of their history with Adalind. The gang probably won't let her know about what they did with Diana, but they'll probably have to at least tell her everything up to that. Well, they may try to not tell her about Diana for a long time, but they'll probably have to tell her after awhile, if they really want her to be prepared with what may happen with Adalind trying to get revenge on them. But if they deal with that situation the same way that they've dealt with not telling Juliette or Hank or Wu about Nick being a Grimm, or Monroe and Rosalee being Wesen, it'll probably be like pulling teeth to get them to tell her everything that she needs to know about what she may be dealing with. True that the situation is slightly different (in that the kid is a Grimm, and Hank, Juliette, and Wu didn't know anything about Grimms or Wesen), but that doesn't necessarily mean that Nick is going to be down with giving her all of the information that she may need for what she's going to need to do.

Finally getting rid of Pony Boy. That character wasn't nearly as menacing as he could have been, and it was rather confusing as to why it was taking them so long to really deal with him, especially since he could have given them all kind of trouble later on.

I don't feel any of the suspense that I think that the writers were trying to create with the shooting of Renard. I have the feeling that they are probably wanting to make people wonder whether or not he's going to survive, but I don't think that there's any doubt that he's going to live. It's not just how much fun the writers seem to have writing for him, it's the feeling that I get of how much fans like him. They would have to be stupid to get rid of a character that the viewers like (which would only piss them off, and possibly lose them viewers).

I'm glad that they're finally dealing with the fact that Wu doesn't know about the Wesen (or Grimms) and that he totally should. Perhaps he can now finally be a part of the team in a real way, which he should have been a long time ago.

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