Monday, May 12, 2014

'The Inheritance' -- Grimm 3x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Of all of the things that happened in this episode, the only thing that was really important (to my mind anyway) was the fact that Nick got another key. And now that there are three keys in one place, it seems like Monroe should be able to start narrowing down the places in the Black Forest that the keys could be leading them toward. They won't know exactly where they need to go (since that would take away a bunch of the mystery that is surrounding the keys and what they're hiding ... and I get the feeling that the writers wouldn't want that, especially since they probably haven't figured out whatever it is that the keys are supposed to be hiding at this point (I mean, it took them almost three full seasons to tell us what it was that made it so that Wesen knew that someone was a Grimm ... cuz they probably had finally just figured it out right then)), but they can at least start having Monroe looking around and getting geeky over maps.

WTH with Adalind? The previews have her pretending to be Juliette and sleeping with Nick, but I think that there's got to be much more going on with her trying to pretend to be Juliette than that. She's probably wanting to figure out what she can do so that she can take away his Grimmy powers ... as well as try to help her figure out how she's going to get Diana back (even if she doesn't realize that Nick was involved, I wouldn't put it past her to still blame him a bit for what happened, if for no other reason than he's a Grimm).

The kid isn't getting on my nerves pretty much at all (even though I kind of want to shake her a bit sometimes), which is a plus. I kind of suspected that she may have started to irritate me after a while, but she's doing pretty well with not irritating me ... and I kind of want her to come back next season. I get the feeling that after a while, she's going to feel like she's going to need to strike out on her own a bit (and try to get things done without Big Brother Nick looking over her shoulder), but she'll still keep coming back to Nick and Juliette's like it was a base of operations for her (and maybe even kind of like a home ... or as close as one that she's probably ever really known).

In a way, I kind of want to see the kid (who I am refusing to call "Trubel," cuz I still think that's idiotic) meet Nick's mom, only cuz I want to see the two of them bump heads. But mostly, I really don't want Nick's mom anywhere near the kid, cuz I think that it would turn out to be all kinds of bad (and not just cuz Nick's mom would end up using the kid for nefarious ends ... just like I'm positive that she's going to do to Nick, and he's going to end up being completely crushed by her, cuz he thinks that he can trust her and that she really does love him ... and isn't just a selfish bitch who would use him to accomplish her own goals).

The guy who was from a family of Grimms (but who wasn't actually a Grimm himself), I kind of want to see him start working at the spice shop. It's not cuz I want to see there be a new tertiary character involved in everything that's going on; it's more that I want him to be around the gang in case there's trouble (and the royals figure out that he's from a family of Grimms. If he doesn't know what to look for, or how to properly protect himself, he's going to need the gang around him to help him out and watch over him). But maybe it might be better for him to get far, far away from them (and only reach out to them if he gets in trouble), so that the royals wouldn't necessarily be looking in his direction when they want to start doing bad, bad things to Nick.

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