Saturday, May 3, 2014

'The Lord's Prayer' -- Vikings 2x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, "Vikings." It's kind of amazing just how much better the season finale for season two was than season one (where everyone just sat around thinking about what they were doing, and what it was that they might be doing in the future). It was so very nice to actually have a finale where Things happened.

I am so very glad to find out that Floki wasn't actually betraying Ragnar, and that everything he had been doing that made it look like he was on Horik's side was actually planned out between him and Ragnar (I very much did not like the idea that the two of them weren't homies anymore). And even though I didn't like the idea that he knew that Floki hadn't invited him to the wedding cuz the two of them were fighting (which made me super sad about the idea that Ragnar thought that Floki was angry with him and didn't want him to be a part of the day), and now I'm kind of sad by the idea that he may have actually missed it cuz the two of them were working on a plan to get rid of Horik (and they needed Horik and everyone else (with the exception of the five or so people who were actually in on the plan) to think that the two of them weren't getting along). It does make me extremely happy, however, to know that he never thought of hurting Bjorn (and that was all for show for Horik) ... that he was actually watching over the stupid boy (probably as much out of the fact that he really was still loyal to Ragnar as he loved the kid like a nephew).

I am also glad that Siggy decided that she would end up helping Ragnar with his plan against Horik. I do wonder just how far back she was a part of the plan ... if she was a part of the gang from the beginning, or if she came along later (when she started to not like the way that Horik was treating her). I don't think that she helped Ragnar out of sense of loyalty to him, cuz I think that if it came down to Ragnar or herself, she would certainly pick herself (and stab Ragnar in the back); it seemed more like she helped them cuz she thought that it was the best way to help herself get back to her old position (and she knew that with Horik, she would never be able to have that ... so, maybe she didn't throw her chips in with the gang until Horik made his proposition to her in this episode, and she took it as an insult).

I wish that there could have been a bit more of a conclusion to what the writers had been doing with Athelstan this season, cuz there seemed to be all sorts of build up with him that didn't really go anywhere in the end. But maybe we'll get something more out of that next season.

I'm really glad that we saw Floki and Helga's daughter, since it was really bothering me that we hadn't seen her, and it hadn't been addressed that Helga wasn't pregnant anymore (I really wanted to know one way or the other what had happened ... even if it wasn't necessarily that important to the overall story. It was just a loose end that was bothering me). And even if Floki is super crazy (and will probably make all kinds of mistakes), I have the feeling that he will probably end up being a good father once he puts his mind to it (cuz I have the feeling that what he will end up doing will come out of love for his daughter).

So, Ragnar is the king now, and everyone has moved off somewhere else. Now I'm wondering even more what the battle was all about in the pilot (since it still seems like there was something important about it), and I want to know what led up to it ... but I have a feeling that it's going to be one of those things that we don't actually find out about until the very end of the show (if we haven't found out already by now).

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