Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'First of His Name' -- GoT 4x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Even though I know that they're not going to meet up anytime this season, it still kills me every time that the Stark kids almost get back together. They are all thrown to the winds (those that are still alive), and I want them to be together again, but I have a feeling that a whole hell of a lot is going to have to happen to them before anything like that happens. ::woe:: Why does GRRM (and by extension, the writers of GoT)like to make the Stark kids suffer so much? I think that they get off on it. Sincerely.

And even if it ended up getting her knocked to the ground, I'm glad that Arya used Needle on the Hound. It's not just that the guys a huge jerk; it's also the fact that I don't want her to ever lose the fire that she has (she wouldn't be herself without it).

Lysa Arryn continues to be as crazy as ever (but then, so is Robin ... not that he has much of a chance to not be crazy, too). Despite that, I really wish that she could see that Little Finger is only using her, and that he's the sneakiest of all sneaks. But the fact that she's completely in love with him has made her completely blind to the fact that he's the puppet master that's pulling all of the strings (or at least, a great many of them). Saying that he's not the ultimate puppet master is like saying that Lannisters aren't evil, or that Ned Stark's honor didn't get him killed. It's just fact.

I continue to love Pod and Brienne's interactions with each other, and would love to see even more of them (even though they aren't strictly at the center of the action). You gotta love characters who really do belong on the Island of Misfit Toys ... or at least, I do.

It would also be great to have more of Prince Oberyn, just cuz that character is so very delicious. The Martells are fantastic, and I am really looking forward to there being all kinds of more involvement with them in future seasons (especially when Elia Sand comes into play, since she's freaking awesome).

Ghost is back with Jon!!! I didn't like that the two of them weren't together, and that he didn't make any kind of comment about how he didn't know where Ghost was, or that he didn't try to warg into Ghost to try and figure out where he was. Sure, they haven't done a lot with the fact that Jon is also a warg (leaning more heavily on the fact that Bran is one), but they're going to have to do more of it eventually ... if for nothing else than so that people don't forget that about him.

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