Monday, May 19, 2014

'Mockingbird' -- GoT 4x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know, what with the name of this episode, I was really expecting there to be more of Little Finger and the Eyrie (what with that being his symbol and everything), but there was hardly anything of them in this episode. Not that I'm complaining, cuz everything about Robin and Lysa has creeped me out since I first read the books, and I am super glad to get past the part where Little Finger pushed Lysa through the Moon Door.

I was kind of interesting to see Arya bond a little bit with the Hound, especially since he's on The List ... but I suppose that it would be expected in a weird sort of way (since he's her only real companion right now, and Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing).

I'm glad that Brienne is at least aware now that Arya I still alive, since I didn't like the idea that no one realized that she was still around. She was really the only one who was unaccounted for amongst the Stark kids (everyone else knew of where at least one or two of the others might be ... or that they were at least alive. She was the only one that no one knew anything about ... but then, she is the lone wolf amongst the direwolves ... and that's why Nymeria is running around with her own pack).

I had forgotten that Prince Oberyn had offered to be Tyrion's champion, and had a serious "Oh, yeah!" moment during that scene. It really does make sense that Oberyn would offer (even if fighting the Mountain is next to suicide), since the two of them have a common goal (in wanting a bit of revenge on the Lannisters). And I really do get excited with every scene that Oberyn has about the thought of all of the cool Martell stuff that's going to happen in the future (they are complete badasses. No lie). I'm not really sure why Tyrion would have thought that Jamie would have been able to be his champion. He's smart enough to realize that Jamie has lost a hand, and he's probably not up to fighting strength at this point (and would probably not feel completely confident in his ability to fight with one hand ... and the wrong one at that). But he called for trial by combat in the heat of the moment, so not remembering that Jaime wouldn't be the one that he would be able to count on can probably be excused ... and it's all worked out in the end, so it's all good.

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