Sunday, May 4, 2014

'My Fair Wesen' -- Grimm 3x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, there was a reason as to why the kid didn't know that she was a Grimm. I have a feeling that I may have completely missed them saying that in the last episode or something (perhaps I should have been paying a little more attention to everything that was going on). But now it is at least inside of my head, and I have something that makes sense as to why she didn't know what she was.

As much as I think that it might be good for the two of them to be Grimms together ... I'm really getting the feeling that she isn't going to be around long. Not that I necessarily think that the writers are going to kill her off. More like something will happen, and she'll decide that she wants to bail (even if she maybe realizes that she should stick around a little longer and learn as much as she possibly can from Nick).

I wonder now why her foster parents were killed by a Wesen. Did someone realize what she was? Or did her foster parents just happen to get on the wrong side of the wrong Wesen? From the comment that Hank made about how all of their cases seem to involve Wesen, it would seem that there are probably more Wesen in the world than anyone probably realizes, so it may be possible that her foster parents may have quite easily have gotten on the bad side of a Wesen (and that their deaths may have had nothing to do with her). But if that's the case, it makes me wonder why Wesen wouldn't be the dominant species on the planet, and it wasn't humans that didn't have to hide what they were.

I have a feeling that (in the end) nothing good is going to come of Adalind living next door to Renard. If the royals don't get the both while she's right there (since she's been poking the bear), I have a feeling that she's going to find out that the gang all lied to her about what happened with Diana, and she's going to end up blowing up the building with Renard inside; I wouldn't even be surprised if she blew up the building while she was inside, too, cuz she was so angry with him.

The fact that Wu is still unable to shake off what happened with his brush with the Wesen world makes me think that the gang is going to have to explain to him what actually happened at some point, and I really hope that they do. It makes me kind of annoyed that Wu doesn't know anything about what really is going on (and not just cuz I think that he would be a fantastic asset to the team if he actually knew everything that was going on). Hopefully, they do tell him at some point, and they don't drag their feet to do it.

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