Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'Ask Jeeves' -- SPN 10x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm rather disappointed that I saw it coming that the "maid" was going to be the shifter. I was hoping that it would be something a little less obvious than that, but then, I'm not really all that surprised that it was kind of obvious.

The fact that they brought Bobby back into the show (in a way) was kind of bittersweet, since I still think it was bullshit that he was killed, and wish that there had been some way that he could have come back for real (since the boys do it all the time). I was happy to see that he agreed to not kill the baby, even if the decision came back to bite Sam and Dean in the ass later on; it showed that even though he was a hunter (and shifters are considered "monsters" by most hunters), he had a heart when it came to the things that he would normally hunt. I would have liked it much more if the one that Bobby had let live hadn't turned out to be the killer in this episode ... that she had turned out to be just another person trying to live her life (it would probably be too much to ask that the killer be a normal person, and that she would turn around and help the boys try to figure out who the killer was. It would have made such a nice turnaround on the trope that the writers have been grounding into the ground since the show's beginning).

And if homegirl had been locked in the attic for most of her life, wouldn't there have been some sort of sign that she had actually lived there at some point (instead of it looking like an attic that they kept junk, and which had been that way for long enough that dust would have started covering things)? Sure, it would have made people suspicious while they were watching the episode, but it would have at least made some sort of sense when you found out that she had supposedly been living in there for so long.

But hey, this is our first legit female shifter (at least as far as we know). I had written a fanfic after "Monster Movie" (one of the only handful that I've done ... not just for this fandom, but for all of the ones that I've been at least somewhat involved in) about a female shifter, cuz it had bothered me that there hadn't seemed to be any that identified as female (and I theorized that the shifting gene must be double recessive (like being a red-head) and attached to the X chromosome (so the Y doesn't have anything to combat it, like with colorblindness), which could be why we had only met those who had identified as male. I was probably overthinking it, but it helped me handwave why there hadn't been any female shifters in the show.

The whole "Clue" vibe of the episode wore really thin after only a little bit, and I was rather glad when it was over. It felt a little bit too much like the writers were trying a little too hard to be funny in this episode (which seems to be a thing that happens quite a bit in Show), and it seems like when the writer tries too hard at it, the jokes end up falling a bit too flat. Like the whole "I hunt quail!!!" thing. I think that we (as the audience) were supposed to fin it funny that this douche thought that he knew what he was doing with a gun, cuz he had hunted quail before (when we understood that he didn't know what the hell that he was talking about), but the joke fell on it's face so hard (as far as I'm concerned) that I kind of wanted to smack someone upside the head for even thinking that it would have gone over well.

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