Saturday, November 15, 2014

'Dyin' on a Prayer' -- Grimm 4x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I forgot to mention with my review of last week's episode that I really dig the addition of the idea that the reason why Grimms can see Wesen is cuz they have an extra cone in their visual cortex. It at least gives us some kind of explanation as to why they can see Wesen and most other people can't. Still, I would love it if there was some more history of the Grimm's beginnings that was fleshed out in Show, cuz I still love the idea that they're a Wesen mutation, but that's my own personal fanon.

But this week's episode ...

I rather liked this interpretation of the golem, and I certainly liked it much better than the use of the lore that SPN used a couple of season ago. With that golem, it was far too human in appearance, and not enough like the creature of clay that I always imagined when I pictured one in my head; so, the fact that the writers made this one a soupy clay monster was pretty awesome.

I am curious as to why the step-dad's brother kept going after the step-son in this episode and threatening him; it didn't make all that much sense to me. Maybe it was nothing more than a way to make sure that the golem came back later in the episode, and Nick and Hank were able to make sure that the Rabi was telling the truth, but I kept getting the feeling that there was something more there that wasn't being said. I will admit that it's entirely possible that I am overthinking the whole thing, and there as nothing there, but ... I feel like the kid might be a Grimm. I'm not sure that it was from his mom. She did say that sometimes she thought that she saw things, but I got the feeling from her that she was only seeing the husband and brother when they wanted her to see them Woged. The son, on the other hand, I got the impression from him that he saw it all the time when the two of them Woged (which would have made more sense when the step-dad's brother started threatening him. Who threatens a little boy after the death of their brother, saying that they're going to rip the kid apart? Someone who maybe thought that the kid was the cause of the person's death?). Then, you have the fact that the boy feels such a kinship with the kid (who I still refuse to call "Trouble"), who is still learning about her own Grimmy powers, the fact that he seems so preoccupied with monsters, and the kid asking Nick just how many Grimms there are in the world. Like I said, I may be overthinking it, but I felt like we were getting subtle clues that the kid was a Grimm, too.

I feel really bad for Wu. He knows that there's something going on there (stuff that Nick and Hank aren't telling him), and he keeps getting the shaft from the two of them when it comes to actually getting the truth. And to top it off, he's not going to get the help that he thinks he's going to get from Renard (since it's in the captain's interest, just as much as it's in Nick's and Hank's to not tell him what's going on). He's so very close to all of the answers (not just with the kid, but also with his crazy time from last season), and I wish that he would be jumped into the gang. It's not even just that it would be good for his peace of mind, or that he would be a valuable member of the gang; it's also the fact that you have some FBI agents around, and he might go to them and say the wrong thing if he thinks that he's not getting the help he thinks that he should be getting from the other guys in the police department.

Speaking of the FBI, I'm really glad that the kid decided to tell Nick about what happened when she was taken by that agent. I didn't think that she would come clean quite so quickly (seeing as how she's probably used to doing things on her own), but I was glad to be proven wrong. Perhaps she's starting to get some family feelings toward Nick after all (cuz they could potentially have a really awesome brother/sister thing going on).

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