Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Deliverance' -- SH 2x7

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Moloch is going to be pissed.

Henry is going to be boned the next time that Moloch calls him into Purgatory.


Is it just me, or is it rather convenient that Franklin just happened to get that key out of the Hellfire Club ... and Jefferson figuring out that whole thing about the Aurora Borealis (and hiding a Borealis creating deus ex machine in a tablet that the Hellfire Club had) ... and that Abbie and Captain Skinnyjeans were able to figure all this out (and get all the way across town) just in time to save Katrina. Convenient.

I really don't believe that the new sheriff would have been so ok with going into that place without knowing a little bit more about what was going on. She came across as a little too willing to go in there without as much evidence of wrongdoing as she might have been in previous episodes. Sure, the way that the episode was written would have made that hard, but it seems like she should have needed a little more convincing to join in, and should have been more suspicious of Abbie and Ichabod trying to sneak out after they had gotten what they wanted.

Also, I don't understand the wardrobe choices that were made on behalf of Katrina's character this episode. Maybe they were trying to keep one foot in the past, while still getting her something to wear, but I don't know why she would have needed to wear a corset. The tank she was wearing underneath it would have been perfectly fine ... especially since those things are freaking uncomfortable, and she was already feeling ill as it was (without adding idiotic wardrobe choices on top of it) ... but while we're at it, I'm sure that the jeans that were almost a size too small wouldn't have helped either.

I'm really hoping now that Katrina and Captain Skinnyjeans are now lovey dovey again, we won't have to deal with the stupid love triangle that the writers were trying to shoehorn into the show. That thing was idiotic (mostly cuz it made absolutely no sense per the way that they've written the characters, but also cuz it was obnoxiously cliché, and was completely unnecessary for the plot), and I will be glad to see it go.

I am wondering what the lightning in the bottle that Henry got ahold of was for, and if it was something that Moloch wanted him to get ... or if it's something that he's doing on his own (some sort of personal revenge on Ichabod for somehow getting inside of his head and seeing him as a scared little boy). But whatever it is, I don't want it to come into play for a while, since the thing with the bone flute came to fruition in only a couple of episodes, and that was pretty fast; if the writers have another plan come into plan and become foiled in a couple of episodes, that would seem even faster, since it would come about on the heels of a victory for Team Skinnyjeans that took far less time than it should have. I'm really ready for them to do an episode or two that is a MOTW type of episode ... ones where we might not find out the true extent of the badness until later on (if ever).

Whatever the writers do, I'm hoping that it's better than what's been going on this season, cuz I'm not digging it nearly as much as I did last season.

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