Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'Fan Fiction' -- SPN 10x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm not usually very keen on meta episodes (there tends to be a few too many winks to the audience in them that takes me out of the story), but this one I was kind of amused by ... amused more than I suspected that I would be. I figured that I would be doing a lot of heavy sighing at the screen and demanding that they "come. on." But there was none of that. I won't say that I wasn't kind of disappointed by the "monster," but other than that, I was fairly entertained throughout.

I was glad that there was an acknowledgement (which is now canon) of the fact that Adam was left in the Pit with Lucifer, since it was something that hadn't been dealt with in Show before that point. It still makes me feel all icky on the inside that they just left him there, and then, pretended like he never existed. I know that the boys have stuff going on that is all kinds of crazy, but they just left their brother in there, and they reportedly are all about family. How many times has something happened to one of them, and the other sold themselves to the devil just to get the other one out? A ton. But Adam doesn't get that. Bunk. Yes, Dean may have left Sam in the Pit, but that was a special case scenario.

And I will admit to having a bit of a squee moment when we got surprise!Chuck at the end of the episode. I was trying to figure out who it might have been, and kind of hoping that it would have been him (even though I also have been rather annoyed by the idea of Kripke putting himself into the show, using Chuck as his avatar, and turning that avatar into God). At least now we know that Chuck is still around, still kind of keeping an eye on the boys ... even if there was some stuff that they (and Kevin) could have used his help on, and it would have been nice to have him lend a hand ... not out and out saving their asses, but a little bit of something that would have maybe made some things a little bit easier. But if that had happened, I'm sure that I'd probably be here bitching about how whatever happened had been far too easy on them with the deus ex machine (yeah, I'm completely aware that the writers just can't win. They are completely in a lose/lose situation as far as I'm concerned).

But seeing him come in at the end like that, after everything had happened, and the boys had already driven off makes me kind of sure that they won't be seeing him again ... that he's taken himself out of the story (so to speak), even if he's just on the outside of their vision. That doesn't stop me from kind of wanting Chuck to tell them something so that they know that he's alright (even if it's only to Cas), but then, he'd probably have to explain what happened to him (since there could only be on prophet at a time, and they already had Kevin hanging around after Chuck bailed).

Also, I will give them kudos for having the girl that was playing Mary in the play being the one who started singing "Carry on Wayward Son." It made the song a bit more poignant that way.

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