Wednesday, November 26, 2014

'Girls, Girls, Girls' -- SPN 10x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, that was over pretty quickly with dude who was after Dean. I was expecting for it to last a little bit longer than that ... but then, I was expecting that Dean being a demon was going to last longer than it did as well ... or that they would have bothered to try and get rid of the Mark of Cain, if it's really all that dangerous for him to keep it. But it seems like the writers keep coming up with an idea, getting bored by it, and then, going on to something else. It's almost like they couldn't really decide on a story arch for the season, so they decided on a bunch of them, and are going to do all of them over the course of the season. Maybe that should be the signal that this is going to be the last season of SPN, and it would make me kind of happy if it was (since it's being going on for around five seasons too long).

The addition of Crowley's mom to the show ... this had the feeling of being less about exploring the history of Crowley (like when they brought in the ghost of his son), and more like they were trying to do some fanservice. And IMO, doing something just for fanservice makes sure that what you're going to do isn't going to be nearly as thought out as it might have otherwise been, and that it won't be nearly as awesome as it could have been if it was something that happened naturally. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but that's how it seems like things go to me. And that's another thing that makes me think that we just might be in the final season ... giving us possible in-depth coverage of the tortured past of the King of Hell (and the fact that his mum seem to have found out that he was now the King of Hell and came looking for him). Maybe it's just that it might have taken her a while to find out that he was a demon (which I have a feeling she may have already known before), that he was the King of Hell, and to cook up a plan to get in the same room with him ... which had the slight feel of, but it felt like she should have been able to get in the same room with him before this. It might have been that I was reading the situation wrong, but it almost seemed like she wanted to be there with him, cuz she hated demons so much (perhaps cuz she knew that he was one), and she wanted to get his attention long enough so that she could do something to kill him.

I did appreciate the reoccurrence of the use of the term "monster" when referring to a hunter in this episode, even if the use of it when it comes to hunters was kind of lampshaded. Just cuz they protect the innocent and unknowing from the things that go bump in the night (and which, in many instances, would do them harm), that doesn't mean that they aren't monsters. The fact that they shoot first, and ask questions later is something that I still have a problem with (since there are creatures out there which aren't entirely (or even at all) human, and who wouldn't do anyone any harm, and those creatures would still be hunted and killed by hunters without bothering to find out if they were actually a threat to others). In the first couple of seasons, I wouldn't have had this problem, but with the addition of shades of grey, that's when things start to get tricksy.

I am kind of annoyed with the writers for the addition of Hannah to Show. It wasn't the fact of bringing another angel around so that s/he could learn something more than just being a soldier (and become somewhat human); it was getting Cas on mission to bring other angels back to Heaven that he didn't want or need to be on, and more than that, the completely unnecessary sexual tension between the two of them. I'm sure that some people would be able to handwave the sexual tension as something that would have lead us to think that Hannah returning to Heaven, and her vessel returning home was a bit more believable, but to me, it seemed a bit more like the writers going "Oh, you want subtext? Here's some subtext, and it's the prober kind, cuz it's hetero." If the writers haven't had issues in the past with sexism, racism, and homophobia, I don't think that my brain probably would have gone there.

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