Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Octopus Head' -- Grimm 4x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ok, I'll admit that within these first couple of episodes of this season, I have a little less frustration over the kid's character. Part of that may have to do with the fact that she seems to becoming a bit of a team player, instead of doing everything completely by herself like she was doing before ... sure, she still needs to work on that sort of thing, but at least she's getting better about it.

I am curious as to why it is that Timothy Perkal (said octopus head) wasn't able to use his freaky powers on the kid. It could just be that he was too freaked out by what he saw in her memories (understanding that she was a Grimm once he started looking at them) and decided to bail before something horrible happened to him, but the way that things have happened to Nick, it seems much more likely that there was something going on there ... like she may have some sort of resistance to the memory bleed (the way that Nick developed zombie powers at the beginning of last season ... or he got freaking super hearing in season ... was it two?). Nick may be atypical when it comes to the adaptability of Grimms, but since he's the only one that we really have any experience with, there is no way for us to really know at this point.

The thing with him and Adalind ... there has to be something with that. I almost want to say that this was a possible side effect of the spell that she did, and one that she didn't bother finding out about. I have the feeling that she isn't one to really bother with trying to find out the side effects of the spells she uses, even when she isn't trying to do something wicked cuz she's pissed off (and just wants to cause as much damage as she possibly can). But I also think it's rather "convenient" that the Scoobs now have a way to try and track her down, whether they are going to need her for some reason in the future or not. If the spell that Renard's mom does to try and help Nick get his Grimmy powers back doesn't work, I have the feeling that the writers put an "out" in the show to use if they want to have the gang go on a road trip and get her to reverse it.

Speaking of Renard's mom ... Renard's mom!!!! Hizzah!! I'm glad that she's finally made an appearance in the show, and I really hope that she turns out to be as awesome as she's been built up to be by the hints and whispers that we've gotten about her before (and that she doesn't turn out to be a complete let down, after we've been led to believe that she's the place where all awesome comes from ... kind of like what happened with Samuel Colt in SPN). I'm really looking forward to seeing what it is that the writers do with her, and I'm hoping very much that she doesn't end up in a show down with Nick's mom over the baby. Mostly cuz they already did it with Adalind's mom (and doing it again would seem cliché and tired), but mostly cuz I have the feeling that Nick's mom would lose, and Nick still needs to have at least some contact with her (when he has series Grimmy questions ... not that she's really been all that helpful when it comes to that, but still).

Also, speaking of Adalind and the baby ... I still think that she was stupid to assume that the royals had her, but being a new mom was probably messing with her head (and wasn't thinking as logically as she might have otherwise), and I still do not believe that Renard is the father. But if they are able to get ahold of the baby again, Renard's mom would probably be able to do some sort of spell that would prove who the father really was once and for all (if she turns out to be as awesome as I'm thinking, at this point, that she is).

Wu is getting so close to figuring things out with the gang, and I don't think that they're going to be able to duck him for very much longer about the truth. If they would just tell him already, that would be freaking amazing! I really want Wu to be a part of the gang already. It would have been even more amazing if he had turned out to be a Grimm also, but I'll accept him being a part of the gang as compensation for not getting the outcome that I would have preferred where he is concerned.

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