Thursday, November 15, 2012

'A Little Slice of Kevin' -- SPN 8x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have a bit of an issue with the fact that Momma Tran rolled her eyes at Sam when he told her that the events of the episode were her fault ... cuz she was silly enough to trust a witch with anything. Up until that point, we had seen her be overly protective of Kevin, and to not own her responsibility for the bad things that had happened to him didn't seem in character for her. If she is really as protective and concerned with what happens to Kevin (especially where demons come to play), it would seem much more like she would own the fact that she had messed up so that she could make things better in the long run, and not do that sort of thing again.

Them questioning what happened to Chuck ... I would have hoped that they would have wondered about him before this point, but I guess at least they are they are starting to think about him somewhat now. I would kind of love to find out that he's actually Metatron; I still don't dig the idea that he was really God, even if it was only something that was inferred, and not something that anyone explicitly said. Also, with the addition of Metatron to canon ... I really hope that they don't make me hate the addition the way that I really didn't like the Leviathan. Metatron and Leviathan kind of make me geek out, and I would like it so much more if they didn't suck.

I'm wondering if the office that Cas suddenly found himself in was the office of the Metatron, but at this point there isn't enough evidence of who the office belongs to when talking about anyone; so, it actually could have been anyone's office. Whoever the "woman" was that met him there could have been the Important Person that belonged to that office, and not just an assistant or something, so we may have gotten our first view of who our newest power player is. Could it have been Metatron? Sure, and that would have been cool. But just cuz he got a shout out from the tablet doesn't mean that he's going to be making an appearance. Oh, wait, that's actually an angel named Naomi, so maybe the Metatron mention was just a one off, and that would make it much easier for me to talk myself into saying that Chuck was actually Metatron and not actually God (which is something that I like way better anyway).

So, Cas is back on Show. He's been kind of amusing on some of the episodes that he's been on, but to be honest, I could really do without him. Yeah, it's good for the boys to have people who are in their corner, and they could always use as much help as they can get with the things that they do, but sometimes it seems much more like Cas is more trouble than help. I'm happy for the Cas fangirls, but I just could never get myself all that excited about him. Hell, when you like the vampire that's only been in like three episodes more than the angel that's been in four (going on five) seasons, that's not really a good sign.

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Erin Lynch said...

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. I totally geeked out when I saw that Mystery Important Lady was Amanda Tapping!!!