Saturday, November 10, 2012

'To Protect and Serve Man' -- Grimm 2x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode was brought to you by "The Twilight Zone" IT'S A COOKBOOK!! "The Wendigo" by Algernon Blackwood.

Ok, two things struck me early on with this episode ... the first was the title. I will completely admit that as soon as I saw the title, my first thought was of that "Twilight Zone" episode ("To Serve Man"), and I was glad to find out that I wasn't imagining things (what with the eating of people and all). And the other was that this might be the first time that there was a cross-over between "Grimm" and SPN. Sure, it's not a cross-over with characters or actors, but the fact that it is the first time (to my recollection) that they have both dealt with the same monster kind of made me get a little bit giddy. I totally started having flashbacks to back when SPN was actually pretty good, and I didn't want to keep yelling at the showrunners for the choices that they've made. Then, I started to have a few flashbacks to Ravenous, what with the eating of people and all, but that's probably to be a bit expected, no?

Monroe walking in on Juliette snogging Renard ... yikes. If she really does tell Nick at least the outlining details about Renard next week, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she only did it cuz she was afraid that Monroe was going to tell Nick, and she wouldn't be able to tell him the way that she wanted to ... and he might tell Nick with a little more detail about the snog than she might want him to know. I'm sure she thought that she would probably be safe to have one more snog with Renard before trying to do whatever it was that he thought would help them, but why would you do that in public, when there was a chance that it could get back to the one person in the world that you didn't want it to get back to? It seems like it would make sense to keep that whole thing under wraps as much as you possibly could, no matter how safe you thought that you were, if only to be extra special super safe about the whole thing. Ok, it's true that she would have pretty much been boned as soon as Monroe walked out of the back room and saw that it was Juliette that Renard was obsessed with, but snogging him in the shop isn't going to go very far in the "nothing has happened, and he's only on my mind cuz I can't help it" department. And I'm getting the feeling all over again that the writers may be trying to write her off of the show, which doesn't make me at all happy on the inside.

I can't be the only one who is glad that Hank is the type of guy who would take the information that he's now discovered about Wesen and Grimms and the lot, and would realize that someone that he had testified against might have been telling the truth about the fact that he was being attacked. And on top of that, that Hank is the type of guy who would not only realize that, but would do his very best to make sure that with this new information, he would try to do whatever he could to make sure that the guy wasn't executed. I don't think that I could like him anymore if he saw the article about dude getting executed in a couple of days, and he didn't do anything about it after having some doubts about what really happened. And I'm really happy that the boys were able to find proof that dude was attacked before he was executed. Knowing that there are Wesen out there that want to hurt people, and not being able to prove that someone was only trying to protect himself from a couple of them would have really sucked (especially given the circumstances).

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