Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Blood Brothers' -- SPN 8x05

Warning: Spoiler alert

I'm really hoping that after this episode, what we see is a real change in the way that the "monsters" of the show are portrayed. Benny was treated much more like he just might have just been one of the gang ... one of the gang with a slight blood problem ... and I really dug that. Well, he was at least treated that way by Dean, and that seems to be the really big issue here, since in previous seasons, it's Sam that has seemed to be willing to treat the "monsters" like they may not necessarily have needed to get dead by some random hunter, and that there might be some of them that could be taken at their word that they had no desire or intention of hurting humans. And with the added bit of "humans kill more humans than any 'monster'" thing in the mix, it almost seems like what we will be getting is a slight shift in how they are going to be treated ... or at least it seems a little bit hopeful, and that makes me happy on the inside, since I've never dug the whole "everything that isn't human is a monster and MUST BE KILT DED RIGHT NOW!!!1!!ELEVENTY" thing that the show has always done.

And to have this "there are some good 'monsters'" thing come from Dean, I think that it not only shows a bit of growth in his character, but it also makes me happy that he is willing to look at things that way. I can only hope that what we saw from Sammy can be handwaved into him being pissed at Dean for not telling him what was going on, instead of him taking the reversal and becoming someone who is unwilling to see that not everything that isn't human is some kind of monster and that it needed to be killed. The fact that he was the one that used to be much more willing to hope and trust in that regard makes me a lot not happy when it comes to the change in him right now. But then again, it's not as though Sam has never done anything that has made me want to shake the hell out of him (maybe kind of literally).

I'm hoping that we can trust Benny, and that there isn't going to be a giant turn around with him so that we find out that he's only been using Dean to get out of Purgatory, and then, using him again to help him not be dead ... and maybe tricking him into maybe helping him destroy his old next (especially since I don't think that he would have been able to kill Andrea himself ... and I'm really not sure right now whether what he said about the last thing he saw was "father" killing her ... I almost wonder if he knew that she had been turned, and knew that he wouldn't be able to harm her, so he brought along someone he knew would be able to do the job. I hope that's not what it is, since I really want him to be awesome).

I'm also wondering if Benny really killed "father". We didn't see it happen, so by all of the laws and rules of fiction, it didn't happen, but that doesn't mean that I don't really want it to be true. I really want the boys to be able to trust him, and to be able to have a brand new ally, what with the fact that they are now the only ones that they have anymore (it would be nice to have someone else in their corner).

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