Saturday, November 17, 2012

'Season of the Hexenbiest' -- Grimm 2x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode was brought to you by "The Bremen Town Musicians".

It almost seems like things are coming to a head rather quickly. It hasn't been altogether that long that Juliette hasn't been able to remember anything about Nick, and it almost seems like they could have been able to let things go along a little bit longer. But then, I suppose that if they kept things going much longer, they could have thought that people might have started to lose interest in what was going on with Juliette and Nick's relationship ... and how much Juliette cannot stop herself from thinking about Renard.

In a way, I'm kind of glad that both Monroe and Juliette wanted to tell Nick what had happened in the spice shop. I don't think that I would have felt ok with whichever one of them tried to keep the information from him ... even more so with Monroe, when Monroe hasn't lost his memory and still knows that the two of them are friends and wants to remain friends with him. I'm also glad that Monroe had video of Renard and made up his mind to tell Nick that that was who he had seen in the spice shop with Juliette.

And speaking of Juliette after Nick found out about her and Renard ... when Nick went upstairs to get some of his clothes, and she told him that he wasn't sleeping up there ... I seriously got annoyed with her right not. It wasn't the idea of her not wanting him to sleep in the same bed as her, when she didn't remember him ... that's understandable; my problem was in her attitude with him ... as though he had done something wrong. I imagine that the two of them both have their names on the mortgage on the house, so he has just as much right to be in the house as she does, and he has been very patient with the whole thing of her not remembering him; and the tone that she had in her voice just irked me the wrong way ... as though he were putting her out by being upstairs. I kind of wanted to shake her, telling her that she was the one in the wrong there, not him.

Also speaking of Juliette ... I don't see how she wouldn't have gotten suspicious with all of the questions about Aunt Marie's trailer. Even if she thought that she was friends with Adalind, and she thought that there wasn't any reason for her to be suspicious of a couple of questions about some trailer that really didn't mean anything to her, wouldn't she start think that there was something suspicious about the questions when Adalind wouldn't let the topic of the trailer go, and the fact that Adalind kept wanting her to get more and more specific about where it was? And I'm not going to buy the idea that she shouldn't/wouldn’t have gotten the idea that there was something more than just idle curiosity to the nature of the questioning. I'm also not going to buy the fact that she didn't need to keep other people's information to herself; if it wasn't something for her to give, she shouldn't be giving it out to people. But then again, I've never been ok with just giving out other people's information, even if it seems like it might be harmless; I don't know what someone might want any given person to know, or to not know about anything, so better to err on the side of caution and not give away things that you aren't sure about.

And look, Juliette not being able to be quiet about Aunt Marie's trailer means that Renard now knows exactly where it is. Brilliant. [/sarcasm] I had a very bad feeling that Nick was going to need to move it (especially after it had already been found once, which I would have thought would have been his first clue to not keep it in the same place that he had kept it before), and now it's far too late for him to do it. There really doesn't seem to be much point in moving it now that Renard knows where it is, and is more than likely going to ransack the joint trying to find the key. It would be really nice if Renard would realize that the royals are a bunch of douches, and that they aren't going to treat him the way that he would like for them to treat him (and they are much more likely to keep yanking him around as long as it's still convenient for them to do so, and then, possibly killing him once they are tired of that).

So, I'm getting the feeling that we are going to see the destruction of a whole hell of a lot of Grimm heritage now that Renard knows where the trailer is, and that makes me sad.

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Will Oller said...

So he's a cop, who knows this trailer is tied up in some suspicious stuff (hello - murder!). And he leaves it the same color (chrome), with the same out-of-state plates? C'mon, paint that thing with some faux rust and some gang tags, park it way way in the back, and move it every six months inside a shipping container. At least he paid the storage in cash.