Thursday, November 8, 2012

'Southern Comfort' -- SPN 8x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit that Garth has started to grow on me over the time that he has been on the show, but ... him being the "new Bobby" ... bollocks. There is no "new Bobby" ... there never will be a "new Bobby". Only Bobby is Bobby. ::in a huff::

Ok, now that I've kind of gotten that out of my system ...

It does kind of make sense to have someone fill the need that is presented by the loss of such an important person within the hunter's world. They're going to need someone who is familiar with all kinds of lore, and who will be able to get them the information that they need in a hurry. And while Garth is kind of a goofball, he seems like he might be more suited toward finding out information than going out on hunts (since he seems much more likely to get himself hurt when it comes to dealing with real "monsters" and weapons). Also, it is pleasantly surprising that he has moments of insight that are truly helpful to other hunters and their problems; his goofballness seems to be a bit of a hindrance at times when it comes to picking up on cues ... but then, he has proven that he's rather in touch with being able to pick up on the underlying problems between the boys, so maybe it's that he's good at picking up on the things that are actually important, no? Also, while I can understand that Bobby was important to more people than to just the boys, the boys were family (to him and to them), and it seems weird for other people to try to copy the things that he did or said. Maybe it made Garth feel a little bit closer to his memories of Bobby, or maybe it helped him deal with Bobby's death, but I was totally with Dean for yelling at him for trying to become Bobby ... in a way, it kind of felt like he wasn't taking the death of someone who was so important in the lives of the boys as seriously as he should. I totally get trying to pay homage to the man ... I just didn't dig it all that much.

By Odin's ravens, I am getting so very, very tired of the boys getting pissy with each other. They seem to (on some level) want to cling to each other, but they seem so completely desperate to make each other miserable once they are together. It's like they are in this constant state of trying to figure out if they love each other, or they want to beat the holy living hell out of each other. At this point, I would love to see Sam go off and find someone that he can settle down with (since he's been trying to run away from his family ever since he was ... what? ... 13?), and for Dean to find someone who would actually have his back. Yeah, this has never been the life that Sam wanted, and he's felt like he's been forced into it, but I'm going to have to go with Dean on this; Sam's left how many times, and he keeps coming back, and he keeps making Dean feel like shit (like he doesn't want to be there, like he would abandon Dean at the first chance he got, like family will never be as important to Sam as it is to Dean ...). The longer that Sam stays, the more miserable he is making both of them.

I'm also taking Dean's side in the whole "Benny thing". How is Benny any different than Ruby? Besides the fact that Benny has actually been helping Dean, instead of trying to get him to break a seal? And there's only so much that can be said about the fact taht we didn't know that she was in on the whole thing with YED and Lilith, since she was sneaky from the very beginning, and never stopped being sneaky (or giving me any reason to believe that she wasn't up to something horrible that was meant to hurt the boys). Yeah, I didn't trust her from the beginning, and it didn't matter what she did to "help" them, I never trusted her. Unlike Benny, who (even though he's a vampire) seems to actually be someone that they can trust. Why is it that the more time that goes on, the more I'm trusting Dean on the big things about who/what they can trust, and trusting Sam less and less? Probably cuz Sam makes such bad decisions. Stupid Sam.

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