Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'After Hours' -- Castle 5x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I totally forgot that Esposito knew about Castle and Beckett, so when she made reference to the dinner with the parents at the beginning of the episode, I had a moment of "The hell?" But then, it came back to me that Ryan had told him all about what was going on. Dur on me.

And Ryan's reaction to the fact that a nun was going to be coming to the precinct ... lol!! Awwwes. Poor, Ryan. Of course he would have flashbacks to Catholic school and would start getting scared. Bad Esposito for making fun of him for being scared!! And I will admit to being completely amused by the fact that Ryan was amused by Esposito getting scared of the nun. ::points:: ::laughs::

But apart from that ... I can't say that I really dug this episode. Yeah, Martha and Beckett's dad are homies now, but the episode didn't really grab me like some of them do. The mystery around the murder wasn't all that interesting IMO, and I found myself kind of glad when it was finally over. Hopefully, there will be better episodes coming up in the near future.

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