Saturday, November 3, 2012

'The Hour of Death' -- Grimm 2x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode was brought to you by ... the show's own mythos apparently (which I find completely amusing).

I love the fact that there ware Wesen Grimm's fairy tales within the mythos of the show. In a way, it would make sense that they would have their very own form of fairy tales that were meant to teach their young the things that the older generations thought that they needed to know (since that was pretty much what fairy tales were for). And to find out that "normal" Grimms were not the thing that the Wesen feared the most ... it was really the super crazy Grimms who would go after every Wesen that they could find (regardless if the Wesens in question had actually harmed anyone, or had any intention of harming anyone). But the fact that Monroe mentions the fact that these super crazy Grimms where like the ones you might normally see gives me a bit a hope that Nick and Aunt Marie aren't so very singular as what we may have been led to believe before now. Sure, we don't have all that many Grimms to really have gotten a base reading of how they are as a whole (only ever having encountered Nick (who doesn't know really anything of his heritage), Aunt Marie, and Nick's mom), but the way that most Wesen behave once they realize that Nick is a Grimm would lead the average viewer to believe that a good many of them have been jerk-faces, and have given the Wesen community as a whole a reason to fear them. But perhaps things may have started changing for the better in the more recent past (not only that Monroe states that these super crazy form of Grimm are from the way-back times, but also that there are Wesen who trust Nick even after finding out that he is a Grimm (and I have a feeling that the Eisbiber wouldn't be friends with someone that they know is a Grimm, unless things had started to change a bit).

So, our intern turned out to be a Wesen that wanted to kill other Wesen ... cuz he was doing some serious hero worship of Nick ... or at least, that seemed to be the excuse (or the trigger) for him killing other Wesen. Seems to me that there was a great deal of instability in his life, and he turned it into some self-loathing ... self-loathing that he could only deal with by worshiping Nick as some kind of saint/hero, and trying to kill as many Wesen as he could get his hands on ... and by extension, perhaps kill the part of himself that he didn't want. Perhaps he blamed his mother for the way that they lived and thought that if he could be a Grimm, he could have something better than what he had. Or maybe by killing Wesen (regardless of what kind they were), he was really trying to kill his mother in effigy for letting him down. It's a possibility, right?

We also seem to be getting some forward motion with Renard and Juliette ... even though this forward motion will devastate Nick if he finds out what has happened. It may have been only that one kiss between them (I'm not counting the one that got her out of her coma, since she was unconscious at the time), but the fact that he will see it as her being disloyal to him (even though she doesn't remember anything about him, or their relationship together) will crush him. He may have been rather clumsy when it comes to showing her how much he cared when they could both remember how they felt about each other, but that doesn't mean that he didn't love her ... or that he still doesn't. I have the feeling that things are going to get much worse before they get better between the two of them ... provided that what I have feared since this season started doesn't happen (in that the writers are using this as a reason to write her off of the show).

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