Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'The Final Frontier' -- Castle 5x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Is it just me, or is the fact that the episode is called "The Final Frontier," when it was directed by Jonathan Frakes (and had a very special guest appearance by Quark Armin Shimerman) give cause for a multitude of geek-gasims? I totally thought that it would. I thought that the "Star Trek" references in this episode were fantastic ... even though the "Nebula" experience reminded me more of "Andromeda" than of "The Star Trek Experience." Yes, the whole "experiencing the show" would probably be something akin to the ST thing in Vegas, but the concept behind the pretend show that they were supposed to be recreating the experience of seemed to have more of the feel of "Andromeda" to me ... at least from the seasons that I have seen (which were more of the early seasons, rather than the later) ... even though I kept thinking of Reavers when they referenced the baddies from the imaginary show ... but then again, they could have been Magog (especially if you consider how they reportedly looked).

Also with the love? Castle slipping in a reference to "that Joss Whedon show" (which was obviously "Firefly" ... I do love it anytime that they reference the 'Verse in "Castle"), and the fact that Ryan is a LotR fan ... even if I wouldn't classify LotR as Sword and Sorcery ("Highlander" is Sword and Sorcery, and LotR is High Fantasy as far as I see it). The more that we learn about Ryan, the more I want to squish him to my bosom until he stops trying to escape, and that is a fact.

But I did have kind of a "derp" around the fact that Beckett was a closet scifi dork. Her having a motorcycle, fine. Her being a baseball fan, seems in step with her. But the idea of her being a closet scifi dork, when she is constantly making fun of Castle for the dorky things that he enjoys ... I'm having a hard time making sense of that. It seems a little bit too out of character for her to be into anything that is that far into the realm of speculative fiction, and even more so that she would cosplay at cons as a character from an obscure scifi show ... especially when she was talking crap about the steampunk fans who were dressing up in steampunk clothes to go to a steampunk bar. Yes, she is/was a fan of "Batman," but that does seem to be in character (if we're not counting the pre-Bale movies), since they are more like detective stories (and perhaps (in a weird way) getting revenge on the people that murdered a parent), and they don't deal in superpowers that come from the sun or a magic ring or something; I also wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that she was a fan of the Holmes canon ... cuz of the detective aspect. It just doesn't make sense to me that she's going to keep making fun of Castle for his excitement over nerdy things, or her lack of understanding of why steampunky people would not only be fascinated by the concept but that they would also cosplay ... if we are going to find out that she also did some cosplay of her own ... and enough that the people from that area of her life were still friendly with her years later. It just seems to me to be a bit hypocritical of her to talk trash about people who are doing the same things that she has done in her own life ... but then, this isn't the only thing about this character that bugs the hell out of me (see my irritation at the way she treats Castle). Sometimes I get the feeling that the writers of shows don't really pay attention to the details of the things that they are writing about a character, and that kind of makes me irritated.

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