Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Rock and a Hard Place' -- SPN 9x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The more that we have something to do with Ezekiel, the more that I think that there's something really wrong with him. I know that he says that Sam isn't ready to hear that he has an angel living inside of him, and maybe he has some special beat on what Sam is and isn't ready to hear (cuz he can hear Sam's thoughts, or something), but the fact that he got in the way of Dean finally telling him what is going on made me not like him even more. I am quite sure that Sam isn't going to be ok with what's been happening since the end of last season, but he should know what's going on ... especially if there is something wrong with him now (seeing as how he says that he can't "charge his battery" anymore. That could be nothing (as in it taking longer for Ezekiel to make him feel ok after doing stuff), or it could be really important (like Ezekiel is trying to zap all of the power away from Sam and leave him as nothing more than a husk on the ground of some truck stop somewhere). And the more time that goes on, the more I keep thinking that they need to get rid of Ezekiel. Pronto. Despite of how badly Sam might be doing, cuz I think that it'll be better to get rid of him sooner (rather than later). This whole thing with him using Sam as a suit is going to end badly; I'm sure of it. And it won't just be bad for Sam either. It's going to be bad for the entire gang. Maybe not for Crowley, since I have the feeling that he's a survivor, and he'll be able to use whatever mess falls down around him to his own advantage.

And having Dean get someone to break her vow of chastity ... come. on. Isn't that trope a little bit tired by now. Yes, we realize that Dean is a complete horndog, but we also know that he is completely capable of being the loyal boyfriend. Can we at least keep a little bit of the loyal boyfriend in there, since the boys have seemed to swap the places that they had when we first met them? To keep running that into the ground that Dean will make a pass at anything with boobs is beyond old at this point (and I would love to see it die off ... but I will also admit that that may be just me and my desire for some actual plot).

Also, I can understand them bringing in Zeus, Artemis, Prometheus, and Osiris ... but Vesta? She isn't exactly one of the big name pagan gods, and it would almost seem like the writers were scraping the barrel a bit to bring her on board. The others (from the Greek/Roman or Egyptian pantheons) were at least relevant for the overall story arch, but bringing in the goddess of the hearth and virginity ... not so much (especially when they only focused on the virginity part of it). If the writers had decided that they wanted to do something with Vesta in relation to the fact that the boys have now found a place that is their home, after never really having a home before the bunker, that would have made more sense; even more so if they also put into play the fact that Dean made such a big deal to Kevin that they're all family now (and no one gets left behind), and then, Dean kicked Cas out cuz Ezekiel is a possessive freak.

I don't know so much anymore why I keep watching this show, but it's like a bad habit that I can't quite shake off yet.

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