Saturday, March 9, 2013

'Face Off' -- Grimm 2x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Finally, this show has come back. It seems like forever since it was last on, but then, I suppose that it would since the last time it had a new episode that aired was back in November. Yeah, that's a huge break for a show that isn't one of USA's special "over the summer" or "over the winter break" shows.

I was not expected Renard to actually find the key. I figured that there would be a bit more looking around for it before he actually found it ... but I'm not sure how much longer the writers would have been able to draw that out without giving us some kind of payoff, especially since it seems like they really do have something that they're going toward (and that we might see the first part of the payoff by the end of this season ... which will lead us to something even bigger later on).

But more than not expecting that Renard was going to find it, I really didn't expect him to give the key back to Nick and reveal who/what he is ... at least somewhat. He may not be completely trusted at this point (since he is technically a royal (even if he's on the outs with the family), he's been keeping what he is and what he knows a secret, he's been watching Nick while knowing full well what Nick is, and has his own secret agenda), but it seems like he is kind of a "Friend of the Scoobs". I get the feeling that the writers are going to have him become a full member of their little club, and that they are going to all help each other try to take down the royals. Perhaps that is why he told Nick that he had taken it in the first place: he was trying to prove that he knew how important the thing was and was wanting to be trusted by giving it back. But I also think that he is going to prove to be fully capable of changing his alegences (since it seems that the reason he wants to mess with his family is out of resentment over whatever it was that they did to him), and the fact that he knows that Nick has the key may prove to be a bad thing later on.

So, it doesn't look like they are going to be able to hide things from Juliette anymore, not now that they've taken her to the spice shop and Nick has started down the road to trying to get her memory back. I'm really hoping that this works, and that she is finally able to remember him (since I haven't entirely dug that whole plot point ... especially since it kept giving off the vibe that the writers were on the verge of getting rid of her character). And on top of that, I am also hoping that she will be ok with finding out something so incredibly huge about Nick. Hank was ok after he was able to process a bit, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she will be; working with someone and being there friend is a bit different than being in a romantic relationship with someone (and it may put more stress on their relationship than she can, or is willing to get over).

Oh, Adalind. I have absolutely no doubt that she was trying to get pregnant ... and I'm wondering if that's the reason why she wanted Renard to woge out. Maybe there is something about being in their woge state that makes it more likely to happen? Or maybe that's the only way that it can really happen? I don't know. But the expression on her face made it incredibly clear that she got exactly what it was that she was trying for, and I think that it has something more than trying to have something so that she can control Renard later on; it probably has something to do with getting some sort of control or foothold with the royals (as well as probably trying to protect herself later on, now that she doesn't have her powers anymore). But whatever the reason is, we can be assured that it is for no good.

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