Tuesday, March 19, 2013

'Scared to Death' -- Castle 5x17

Warning: Spoiler Alert

WTH with Perlmutter not wanting to say that it looked like the girl that they found might have been scared to death? At that point, it was the only thing that seemed like it was going to make sense for what happened, and just cuz he said that it it was possible doesn't mean that he couldn't have gone back later and said that he had actually found out what had happened ... and that it wasn't being scared to death. Yeah, the more that he's on the show, the more sure I am of why he doesn't usually deal with live people (and why he prefers the dead ones).

The Ring was leaned on a little too heavily for my tastes when it came to this episode, and it would have been nice if they dealt with something a little bit more original. The watching of a series of random images followed with the threat that the person is going to die after a certain amount of time has become a little too iconic at this point for someone else to come around and try to do something so similar. Maybe that might change after some more time, when the film isn't so heavily in the public consciousness, but right now ... it still feels too much like getting lazy and stealing a construct from somewhere else.

I was amused, however, by Castle calling Wes Craven. I was not expecting that, since Wes isn't a mystery writer (or a novelist for that matter), and up until that point, we had only ever seen Castle interact with mystery novelists. But I guess Castle is also homies with horror writers as well (whether they are novelists or screenwriters), since he's apparently friends with Wes Craven and Stephen King. Speaking of ... how awesome would it be if the people involved with the production of the show were able to talk Papa King into making a guest appearance on the show? A metric ton, that's how much. And they've already given him an in, what with Wes saying that Papa King is involved with the poker games that he's always having (even though we've only seen ... what? ... three real writers involved with those, and he hasn't been one of those so far).

Why am I not at all surprised that Castle is so superstitious? He's such a big kid when it comes to those things, letting himself get freaked out over his own over-active imagination. But I won't fault him for the over-active imagination, since I have one as well ... and I also write (so I figure that it maybe is a pre-requisite for being a writer-type). But still, there were points where I wanted to tell him to calm. down., cuz there were going to be rational explanations found for everything that he was freaking himself out over ... he just needed to wait a little bit for them to be found.

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