Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'The Wild Rover' -- Castle 5x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Am I the only one who started singing the song that this episode was in reference to once they saw the title? Just me then? Yeah, I'm still singing it to myself ... even with the Young Dub's "With All Due Respect" playing right next to me.

I'm always happy whenever they do an episode that focuses on Ryan, since I want to draw hearts all over his face. Hell, I'm happy even when we get to see him geek out over things, but I love it even more when the episode pushes him into the forefront.

I'll admit to being kind of upset with Jenny when Ryan left to go undercover. I get that she was upset with him, and upset by realizing just how much of his life she didn't know anything about, but that's the way you react when the person you love is about to go undercover in an extremely dangerous situation. What if something had happened to him, and he never came back? She would have to live with the fact that she was pissed off with him when he left, and she refused to say goodbye to him cuz of it. And how guilty would she feel knowing that (if he had been killed), he may have been thinking about her at the very end, and he probably would have wished that things had been mended before he had left so that things would have been the way they should have been before he died? The guilt would have been horrible.

Maybe she had a reason to be upset with him ... finding out that he had been that deep undercover is kind of huge. But you know what? That was a long time before they met, and he hadn't been undercover since then. So far as he knew, that part of his life was over, and he wasn't going to be going back there. And there was still time for him to tell her about it ... it wasn't as though he should have told her everything about himself already, since it isn't as though they've known each other for that long.

And to be honest, I can kind of understand why he may not have told any of them about it (Jenny or the gang, I mean). When he was undercover, he was someone else ... he wasn't really himself (not really, even if he used elements of himself to make the cover seem a little more real) ... and it may have been like telling them about things that happened to someone else. So, in a way, telling them about it wouldn't really have been like telling them anything about him; it would have him telling them about Fenton O'Connell as though he were a real person.

But I'm really glad that underneath everything, he's still the good boy that I want to draw hearts all over the face of.

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