Monday, March 4, 2013

'A Man of My Company' -- Ripper Street 1x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, that was a bit of a letdown. I was expecting there to be a bit more when it came to the reason that Jackson and Susan were trying to hide, and why they were pretending to be people that they weren't. The writers kind of made a big deal about why they were hiding, and made it seem like it was something so very, very important that people from America not find out where they were now. But to have the reason be that they were running away from her father, cuz he didn't like Jackson ... disappointing. Very disappointing.

But I was very happy with the fact that Reid was still willing to cover for Jackson (and by extent, for Susan as well). I think that it says quite a deal about him as a man that he is willing to be so very loyal to the people that he considers to be his friends ... and I'm using that term kind of loosly in this respect (since Reid and Jackson's relationship is complicated at best). Also, that he was willing to pretend like he didn't know where Susan was, and tried to get that Pinkerton that was looking for them to think that he had forced Susan to leave the area. Even if dude realized that he was lying for them, good on him for keeping up with the lie (and good on Drake for not saying anything to the contrary, even though he and Jackson don't see eye-to-eye ... and probably never will).

I do have a giant beef with the writers cuz of this episode however. What is that beef? The fact that they killed off Hobbs. He was such a sweet boy, and he was trying to do the right thing, even though he was afraid. And what did he get for his trouble? He got murdered. I don't think that I'm going to be able to forgive them for killing off the baby ... even if it was completely emotional, and it gave them a chance to show that Drake had a gooey center (by having him be shocked and sadned by Hobbs' death), and they had the others in H Division double check with Reid that it would be ok if they killed the guy who killed Hobbs (cuz they were so hurt and angry by the baby's death).

I was really glad that Jackson cheated in the fight with dude that killed Hobbs ... and the fact that he had the ok from Reid to do it made it a little bit better. I completely admit that I wanted there to be a bit of revenge for what happened to Hobbs, and I am not sad that it happened ... or that Jackson was able to walk away from it afterward without anyone blinking an eye (even though there were police everywhere). But I really want to know who it was that gave the commissioner the information that Jackson supposedly killed the prostitute that Emily was trying to help. It seems like it might be significant to know who it was that was trying to make trouble for Jackson ... though, I wouldn't be surprised to find out if it was the Pinkerton that Jackson had the beef with ... or Susan's father ... and neither of them can/could be trusted when it comes to Jackson.

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