Sunday, March 31, 2013

'The Bells of St. John' -- DW 7x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm still not sure how I feel about Clara, but part of that may be cuz I'm still not sure about the whole mystery that is surrounding her. I think that maybe if I knew what was going on with her, I might like her a little bit better. I'm also not entirely sure that I really like the fact that she got her smarts from being downloaded into the internet and returned to her body. It kind of feels a bit like cheating. That does make a bit of sense for later on, when she gets downloaded into a Dalek body (as far as possibly continuity goes), but it feels a little bit too much like the writers were saying that she needed some special boost to be able to keep up with the doctor.

I'm also not sure why the doctor would say that being a nanny is "Victorian," since there are nannies and governesses all over the place, and sometimes doing that kind of job is something that someone is suited for. Maybe it was something that Clara kind of fell into after the death of her mother, but that doesn't mean that she couldn't enjoy doing it (or that she isn't good at it). And even if she didn't particularly enjoy it (which there was no indication that she didn't), sometimes you have to take a job that you don't necessarily like so that you can save up some money to do things that you do enjoy. It may just be messing with his mind cuz the Clara that he ran into during the Christmas special was also a governess ... and she was only helping out for a while.

I really hope that whatever it is that is going on with her, we aren't disappointed by the reveal. Seems like there is a possibility of being all kinds of buildup, and then, having everything kind of fizzle out at the end.

Also, the new interior of the TARDIS ... am I the only one who doesn't particularly care for the TARDIS changing? I still miss the look from back when nine and ten were in there. I kind of got used to the interior from when the Ponds were there, even though I didn't like it as much. But this one ... it doesn't make all kinds of sense to me if they're really going to have buttons and knobs that the doctor (and whoever else) need to deal with that aren't on the main control panel. It doesn't seem very efficient to make him run all around (and not have the things he needs right in front of him) if there's an emergency. But maybe it was only something that they were having him do this once, or something that Matt thought would look cool, or something?

Even though Moffat has said that there isn't going to be an over-all story-arch for series seven, I have a feeling that we are going to see the Great Intelligence again at some later point. The only thing that makes me think that maybe that is going to happen is that the face that we saw at the end that was supposed to represent the Great Intelligence was the same guy who played Doctor Simeon in the Christmas special. So, if we're going to keep seeing a reoccurrence of Clara, maybe we're also going to see a reoccurrence of baddies that are surrounding her that all kind of look like this one guy (otherwise, why use the same actor in the introduction of the new companion in the Christmas special, and then, again when she comes onto the series proper?).

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