Monday, March 11, 2013

'What Use Our Work?' -- Ripper Street 1x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Damn it!! I was sure that the little girl that the Warner brothers, and the Warner sister Victor and his sibs had was actually Matilda. ::shakes fist at the writers:: But then, I'm quite sure that's exactly what the writers wanted us to think, getting our hopes up that Emily and Reid would finally be able to be reunited with their daughter. But I suppose that only the first eight episodes of series one would be far too soon to be able to reveal what ever happened to her. If anything, it will be one of those things that we never actually find out about (giving the show as a whole an undercurrent of mystery) ... or maybe once the writers realize that the show is going to be coming to close (whether because the show runners no longer want to work on the show anymore, or the peeps in charge of the BBC decide that they are going to cancel it). I really hope that we do find out what it is that happened to her, and that she is alive somewhere ... even if that seems like it might be a bit unlikely at this point.

I'm really glad that Jackson wasn't labeled as the Ripper (and not just cuz he really isn't). Even though I still don't completely trust him, since I have the feeling that he and Susan both would end up doing whatever it was that they thought was the best thing for them ... even if that meant turning on someone else that they had been allied with before. Yes, he likes Reid, but liking someone doesn't mean that you are always going to be able to be trusted. He's always going to butt heads with Drake, and that's a fact. I get the feeling that what his helping Reid with that bit of information about our baby!Bobby and his body was more out of the fact that he was fond of the baby (just like everyone else was).

Speaking of the baby!Bobby ... he was married!! Oh, his poor wife!! She married such a sweet boy, who had such potential to be a really good inspector if he had been given the chance. And if he had been able to grow up a little bit more, he would have been a good man (he is still too young inside of my mind to be anything other than a sweet boy). ::woobie::

I'm really hoping that things get better between Reid and his wife after this ... even if things are still going to be kind of strained for a while because of their grief for their daughter. I almost expected that they were going to keep Mary for their own, but I wonder if that would have made things even harder for them, since she may have been a little bit too close to Matilda's own age (and may have done nothing more than to remind them of what they had lost). So, maybe it's better that she went to the orphanage? Maybe. That is yet to be seen at this point.

Also, we have now been given at least one of the suspects that they had thought had been the Ripper (and they have now gotten rid of him). I'm wonder if we are also going to be able to see some more of the suspects later on (since there is going to be at least one more series of the show). I don't think that I'll have a problem if they go through a few more of the suspects, but I don't think that I want them to actually settle on any one of them and say that this one suspect really was the Ripper. It seems like it would take away from some of the mystery of who the wo/man actually was.

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