Thursday, March 21, 2013

'Goodbye Stranger' -- SPN 8x17

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I want to know what exactly happened the last time that Naomi and Crowley saw each other, cuz something happened. And I find the fact that he knows who she is to be rather interesting, since she seems so keen on making sure that no one knows who she is ... and so many angels seem to not know, until she does the drill to the brain on them. Could it have possibly have been a fight over something? Or maybe she hadn't been as high on the food chain as she is now, and at least a few other intelligent creatures out there made her acquaintance? I'm getting more and more interested in her backstory now ... now that I know that she didn't have other angels do all of her dirty work, and she at least did some of it herself (if we can take the fact that she and Crowley know each other as some kind of clue as to that effect).

I'm still wondering why, if Dean knew that Cas was acting strangely, that he didn't put the angel tablet back into the angel be gone case once Cas started to freak him out. If he knew that there was something creepy going on (even if he didn't know exactly what it was), it seemed like keeping the tablet away from him right in that moment might have been the way to go. Even if Cas has been their homie for a long time, this isn't the first time that he's gone kind of mental ... or the first time that he's done them harm ... and once he started acting strange(er), that might have been the point where keeping something so important away from him might have been the way to go (at least until Dean was kind of sure that he wasn't going to go all nutso).

But seeing as how the tablet helped him in getting him away from Naomi, that is a good thing. It makes me wonder what power the tablet actually has, and why the demon tablet didn't so anything of the sort when it was picked up by Crowley? Maybe cuz there was an angel around to cancel out anything it might have done in that regard? I also want to know what exactly the angel tablet says if Cas thinks that it's dangerous to have it around Dean (or have Dean around it). Could it be like I was wondering before in that it might close the gates on Heaven and make sure that all of the angels are kept securely on the other side of that particular gated community? Or could it be something more, and is that why it had the weird Naomi be gone light of impending power? But whatever it is, the fact that Cas is going to be a regular next season makes me think that the angels are still going to be around, and that maybe the tablet gets destroyed before anyone is able to use it. And also, since there is going to be a next season, I wonder if the boys aren't going to be able to get through the trials to get rid of the demons, since the show banks so much on demon interaction.

I'm wondering if Cas taking the bus to ... wherever ... instead of using his angel powers would help him keep off of the Naomi radar. Probably. And it would also be kind of awesome if the tablet itself would help protect him from being found (like maybe there's something special in their very fiber (or would it be rock?) that makes them hard to locate) ... something that may have been put in there by Metatron.

So ... Meg is gone now. I'm kind of sad about that. She was the first demon that we really got to know; the first one to become our homie ... and the one that didn't completely suck when it came to trying to get Sam to do things. I'm looking at you Ruby. I would have liked to have seen Meg stick around a while longer, but I don't suppose that she would have had much in the way of forward motion of the plot to go on, and seemed to have been kept around for the awwwes and the woobie feelings of her being our first demon homie toward the end.

Haha! on Dean quoting LotR. And does it mark me out as a complete nerd that I totally said his line about carying Sam right before he said it? Also, haha! on Sam for making fun of him for quoting it, and again on Dean for the Rudy!hobbit comment. Oh, boys.

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