Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Freaks and Geeks' -- SPN 8x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, how I love it when a show uses the same actors to play the parts that they played in previous episodes. Continuity makes me all kinds of happy inside of my happy place. But I will admit to getting kind of distracted by the fact that the girl that played Krissy looked like the woman that plays Mary Margret on "Once Upon a Time" ... though it's more the shape of her face and her coloring (as in the light skin and the dark hair) that makes me think that than anything else.

I'm not entirely happy that the boys left the kids to take care of themselves at the end of the episode. Sure, they're going to have people that they trust to come check in on them, but still ... the kids are still a bit too young to be left alone without a grown up. They may be pretty good at taking care of themselves, but there are still going to be things that they aren't going to be ready for, and will need to have someone with a little more experience to defer to. They will also need someone who is an authority figure who is "legally responsible" for them in case they need paperwork signed, or some kind of law enforcement figure comes around (since they are probably not going to be able to talk their way out of something like that if the person is insistent on talking to a grown-up, and even if they can count on Garth being able to get rid of anyone in those kind of circumstances, it will take him a while to get to them ... and how exactly are they going to explain something like that without having CPS called?). Yes, yes, no room for logic in genre television (as used to tell me all of the time) ... but I really can't stop my brain stuffs from wondering about that sort of thing. Believe me ... I've tried; but it won't listen to me ... ever.

I do think that having some kind of school for young hunters is kind of a good idea. Not only will it make sure that the next generation of hunters would be far more likely to survive things that are scary and go bump in the night, but they will probably be more successful in making sure that the things that are harmful aren't going to be able to hurt people. And if they are able to kind of do a "Men of Letters" thing about it, they may even learn to not shoot first (and realize that sometimes the monsters are humans, and that things that aren't traditionally "normal" humans aren't always the things that need to be feared, hunted, or harmed). In that way, I'm really hoping that the show is taking a bit of a turn (since this whole idea of anything that isn't strictly human is something that needs to be killed is something that I haven't liked about Show). And if Sammy is able to survive the trials ... I would kind of love to see him become kind of a Professor X type character (doing the research, and maybe teaching the childrens that it is completely possible to leave some people alone when those people aren't human ... but who are just trying to live their lives without hurting other people). And who knows, maybe even Dean could become a teacher ... though, I have a feeling that his classes would be a little more hands-on, and a little less theoretical (which is how I imagine Sammy's classes to be). Hell, they could probably even get James Frampton and Portia to teach some things to the kids.

Also, I kind of wanted to shake dude for calling Bobby a barely functional alcoholic. While it might technically be true ... I am still a Bobby fangirl, and will always dislike anyone who says mean things about him.

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