Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Mr. Sandman' -- Grimm 2x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Soooooo ... now Nick has super hearing? That makes me wonder even more if there is something special about the Grimms (in that they kind of have a super power of some kind, or three), and if they may have some kind of Wessen background (like that they started off being a branch of the Wessen who had some kind of birth defect that made it so that they couldn't Woge ... but they could still see others when they Woge). It did also occur to me that there may be something kind of special about Nick's family, and that may be why he is able to get advanced hearing, but there didn't seem to be anything special in that way when it came to Aunt Marie or his mom ... not that we would necessarily know one way or the other (since he didn't really know his mom, and he didn't know that sort of thing about his aunt).

Also, I'm really hoping that this doesn't become something of a trend with the writers (with the giving of random heightened senses and such), since once is ok (especially when we aren't sure of any of the circumstances of why such a thing would have happened at this point) ... twice is kind of stretching it ... and three time is right out. And I'm also really hoping that we are given some kind of explanation of why his hearing would have suddenly become superhuman, when there was no indication before this point that such a thing would occur. That doesn't mean that I'm holding my breath that it will happen, since they still have yet to have him ask how it is that Wessen are able to tell that he is a Grimm, and he has (now) three Wessen hanging around who are not only completely able to give him that information, they are also willing to give him information (well, at least two of them are willing to tell him whatever he wants to know ... Renard might hold things back, or tell him something that isn't true, cuz it's possible that his goals are aligned with the Scoobs' now but might not be later on).

I was glad that they showed that it was Nick that was the ghostie that Juliette was seeing, and it makes me a little more sure of the idea that the gapping holes that she keeps seeing are supposed to represent her memory (and the sparks are supposed to be things getting mended inside of her mind). Perhaps things will get back to normal for her by the end of the season, and we can finally have Nick explain everything to her before the finale. It's getting kind of annoying how things are being dragged out where that is concerned, and I want her to be on board with Nick being a Grimm.

But I'm wondering why it is that Renard is hallucinating stuff about Juliette. If the potion is starting to give her back her memories, and it is lessening his feelings for her ... why is he seeing things? Maybe he wasn't completely truthful when it came to what he told Nick about his feelings for Juliette? Or maybe the potion works differently on his since he's half a hexenbiest (or would we say that he's half a zauberbiest since he's male)?

Oh, Adalind. I'm sure that she thinks she knows exactly what she is getting herself into when it comes to getting pregnant and having the father either be Renard or his brother. And I'm betting that she thinks that she is going to be safe with having a hexenbiest help her out with (probably) protection. But I have a feeling that she is going to find out that she is in way over her head, and she's going to find out rather quickly. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that her mother gave her far more protection than she ever realized, and now that it's gone ... she isn't fully prepared for the hurt that is going to come down on her cuz of the things that she's playing with.

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