Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Nameless' -- Grimm 2x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Did anyone else look at the MotW in this episode, and instantly have flashbacks to the goblens from Legend, cuz I could not stop thinking about how much that new Wesen (whose species name is escaping me, and it's not loaded onto the "Grimm" wiki page yet) looked like the goblin. Not that there was any acid involved with the goblin in Legend, but still ... the look was still pretty much dead on.

I don't like the fact that Juliette is trying to force Monroe to do things that he isn't comfortable doing, and kind of banking on the fact that he is a good guy and wants to do the right thing (and that he's kind of innocent, in a way). But it does make me happy that he pretty much stood his ground, in at least in making sure that Nick knew what was going on, and making sure that it was ok with him, before he was involved with anything more. After all, it isn't exactly Monroe's secret to give away about Nick being a Grimm ... even if Juliette finding out about Nick could also mean that she finds out about Monroe and Rosalee ... and it isn't his trailer to take her to (and just cuz Nick trusts Monroe enough to let him inside of the trailer, that doesn't mean that he has permission to take other people in there without him knowing about it). And as much as I understand that Rosalee wants to help Juliette cuz they're friendly, I don't like that she's pressuring Monroe into doing things that he may not be comfortable doing ... or that she thinks that it's ok to pressure Monroe to take Juliette to the trailer. Again ... not her secret to tell, and not her trailer to go into (and it's kind of presumptuous for her to try to make Monroe take Juliette there and let her in).

But I am really happy that Wu was able to do some good in this episode, and was the one who was able to figure things out where the "legitimate detectives" weren't able to figure things out. Go, Wu!! You make me all kinds of happy on the inside. And it was really nice that the writers went there, since it was nice to see him do something more than the fab snarky comment, or the eating of fiber his carpet.

Also, now that Renard is part of the Scooby gang, it would be nice to know that he realizes that things aren't nearly as safe as he thinks they are ... even when he's trying to be careful about being caught by his brother and the rest of the royals. Yeah, he knows that things aren't terribly safe, but there apparently needs to be some more caution when it comes to meeting up with his dudes. And now that his friend's tail is dead, I'm wondering how he's going to explain that to everyone (since I have the feeling that Eric is probably going to call him out, in a round-about sort of way). If he doesn't say just the right thing, I have a feeling that things aren't going to be looking all that good for him later on.

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