Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Remember the Titans' -- SPN 8x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know what's kind of annoying? When a show has an episode (or a series of episodes) where one of the characters is supposed to be proficient with a bow, but the actor looks like they have never held a bow a day in his/her life. The longer that the actress who played Artemis held the bow, the more convinced I became that if she actually tried to fire it, the arrow would have gone absolutely nowhere (and would have only fallen down at her feet). It was like watching "Robin Hood" from the BBC again, where Marian was supposed to have been a fab archer, but the actress who played her looked like she had never held a bow before (and if she tried to fire it, she wouldn't have managed to have been able to do anything). It could be that since the SPN showrunners thought that it would have wasted time and money to have homegirl who played Artemis learn how to actually hold the damn thing so that it seemed even the least bit believable that she would have been able to cause some serious damage with it (and since she is the goddess of the hunt, and the bow is her thing ... she should look like a complete badass when holding any weapon).

But I do have to say hizzah! for the writers actually getting Artemis' name right, and not calling her Diana. A few weeks ago, one of the characters on "Spartacus: War of the Damned" used "Poseidon" instead of "Neptune," and it bugged me that they used the Greek name for the god, instead of the Roman name (when the show is all about a point in Roman history).

At first, when Artemis showed up, I was almost sure that she was actually Nemesis. I can kind of understand why they used Artemis, since she's the goddess of the hunt, and the writers might have wanted to create a connection between her being a hunter, and the boys being hunters ... but it still seems like it would have made more sense to have Nemesis be the one that would have been the one to go after him in the first place. Zeus seemed to think that Prometheus had done something that would have been in need of some divine retribution, and that is what Nemesis is for.

Was kind of disappointed how easy it was to figure out who Prometheus was. As soon as they showed the crow eating his liver it was pretty much obvious as to who he was. It would have been a little bit more fun if it was kind of harder to figure out his true identity, especially since the writers had made kind of a big deal about the fact that he couldn't remember who he was. But then, they did only have an hour, so there was only so much that they could do (even if the episode felt a bit rushed, and they could have easily broken this up into two episodes).

Was glad to find out that Sam isn't as awesome with the hiding of what's going on when it comes to Dean. It seems like they're together far too often to really be able to hide much of anything from each other, but with the whole letting Sam believe that he's getting away with hiding what's going on seems like the way to go with right now (and possibly until Sam finally says that he needs help, cuz things are getting kind of crazy for him).

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