Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Deep Cover' -- Castle 6x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, we get another episode with Castle's dad. I kind of wish that I could say that I was more interested in these than I actually am, but ... I don't really care all that much. In theory, it should be exciting to have him around, since he's all CIA spy stuffs, but all his appearance really did (at least in this episode anyway) was to throw a wrench in everything. Sure, Martha said that she did get some great things from him (like Castle), and maybe the experience with him this time made Castle and Beckett realize that they shouldn't take their lives for granted (that they should make sure that they make the moments count), but this was after he got Castle lying to Beckett. That I really had a problem with, even if Castle thought that he was doing the right thing by keeping his dad's identity from her. He's supposed to be starting this new life with he, and there was the big deal made about how the two of them are trying to pick the date for their wedding; it just didn't seem that lying about something so huge was a good way to go.

When Dad sent Martha off to get him something to drink, I was almost sure that he was dead when she came back in. Ok, it was more like I was hoping that he was. Again, that was more out of a general sense of blah when it comes to his character. If he was more interesting to me, I might have not been so eager at the idea that he might have snuffed it.

Maybe part of my problem with the episode came not only from a feeling that Castle's dad was a little too late with trying to become part of the family, but also that the writers were trying to create a legit spy for the show to balance out the fact that Castle is kind of a play-spy. Him being a legit spy should make him far more interesting, but ... he's just not. I'm not sure if it's more out of the fact that the writers weren't really able to write him as being interesting (instead of a giant knob), or if he didn't fit in with the overall feel of the show, or the acting wasn't quite what it could of been ... or maybe all of these things put together. I'm leaning toward it being all of those things together.

I also am not sure how it is that Ryan is all happy and awake when he has a newborn at home. Sure, Jenny is probably taking care of the brunt of what's going on with the baby, but damn. How is he not falling over asleep cuz the baby is up every few hours? It's not as though he wouldn't be the active type when it comes to being a father (probably even more so after he very nearly died on the day that she was born). But I'll admit that I was hoping for him being completely frazzled when he came to work, cuz I thought that it would be really funny.

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