Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Road Trip' -- SPN 9x10

The more that this show goes on, the more that I wish that something would just happen that would make sure that it never comes back again. Never. It still had it's problems in the beginning, but I'm going to stand by my previous assertions that this series was its best in seasons one and two, and it's gotten progressively shittier as time has gone by. That was the only time when Show felt like the writers knew what the hell they were doing, and ever since then, they haven't known what the hell is happening (or have any real idea of where to go with the next season, let alone the next episode).

What makes it even more tired is that there tropes that the writers seem bent on doing every single season as though the whole world depends on it happening (like one of the boys dying and going to Hell (or the Lu's cage) at the end of each season, the two of them not talking about the things that are pissing them off, getting so pissed off with each other that they finally end up having a fight around mid-season (sometimes with their fists, sometimes with their words ... which aren't many, let's be honest), and one of them ends up bailing on the other after the fight). It's getting tired and old ... as though the writers don't care anymore, and that makes me not want to care anymore.

And the idea that could make this all better for me (or at least somewhat better for me), is if I try to headcanon the show and say that one or both of them is dead, and everything that we're seeing in show is them continuing to play out these scenes, believing that they are real. I think either way that I try to headcanon this, it's going to rest on this being the delusion of Dean, but I can see this going one of two ways.

1) He never made it out of Hell between seasons three and four, so he had to come up with something to protect his mind. His answer? An angel (the very kind of being that his mother told him was watching over him when he was a child) pulled him out of the Pit, and he's been doing whatever he can to live up to the quest that his father gave to him when he was four: protect Sammy. Except, since he's still in Hell, a bit of the despair and brimstone creep into his dreams; so, things aren't as good between him and Sam as they were in seasons one and two (and at this point, those are looking like the good ol' days. Anyone remember the prank war? Yeah, me, too), and since he's in the Pit, he isn't able to have any real character growth, and things between him and Sam are in this never ending loop of bitterness, death (of them and the people that they love), and suck. It's that, or this is all part of how the demons have decided that they're going to torture him; make him think that he's managed to escape from them, only to find that his relationship with Sam can never go back to what it was before. That's why it feels like the seasons are repeating themselves.

2) He had a psychotic break sometime after the fire killed Mary, and since then, he's been trying to come to terms with watching the house burn down and knowing that she was inside (something that wasn't helped by John). So, he's been trying to come to terms with the fact that she's gone, and that's why he keeps coming back to his parents when they were young, trying to warn her of what was about to happen so that his life could go back to the way that it should have been, or else living out his life as though she were really alive (like with the first Djinn episode). Maybe the probably came down to the fact that he started the fire, cuz he was four and no one was watching him, and he was playing with a lighter (or matches, or whatever). And he was inside Sam's room when he did it (maybe he had gotten up to get a drink and wandered into his brother's room, cuz Sam made some noise), which led to a mountain of guilt and an imperative that he Must Always Protect Sammy.

That's it. Headcanoned.

It's not going to make me not want to reach through the TV and smack someone (whether the actors or the writers), but it will maybe at least help my brain from becoming a gooey mess on the wall.

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