Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'The Indispensable Man'/'Bad Blood' -- SH 1x12/1x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, I guess I got partially Kripke'd (and partially Joss'd) by the season finale. I figured that Jeremy would be back at some point, since Katrina is so highly magical, and Ichabod is such an important person when it comes to the apocalypse (besides the fact that the way that Jeremy was "disposed" of was at least somewhat reminiscent of what happened to Ichabod). There was no way that we weren't going to see him again. I also really wanted Parish to be related to Ichabod (and figured that we might get that since we've gotten the intertwining of the Crane and Mills family lines, and it had a nice feel to it that someone who seemed to be as important to the Witnesses getting their shit together as the Sin Eater would also be a part of that). I didn't call Parish actually being Jeremy ... I was kind of wanting something more like him being a descendant of Jeremy's, but I think that I can handle him being Jeremy. I'm also wondering just how the big reveal could be that John Noble is Jeremy. I mean, if he was buried when he was in his early 20s, and he's been roaming around for 13 years, shouldn't he be in his early 30s now (instead of his 60s)? Sense.

The thing that I'm not all that thrilled about is the whole thing with him being War. I can handle Bram Bones being the Headless Horseman (that is at least partially canon) ... I can even kind of accept the Headless Horseman being Death (it's as good an explanation as any as to why he could go around without his head), but the details when it comes to the Horsemen are really starting to get under my skin. The fact that the Headless Horseman is supposed to be Death, and yet he rides the white horse (which is supposed to be Conquest/the Anti-Christ's horse) and has the symbol of the bow on his hand (the bow also being attached to Conquest/the Anti-Christ), and now, we're told that War has been roaming the earth for the past 10 years ... bullshit. I have the feeling that we're not supposed to accept that he was "officially" doing anything, since he didn't break the seal until the end of the finale (which would have been him properly starting to "ride") but that's not the way that things were set up. He's been roaming around for the past 10 years, and he's already being doing stuff as War, even if we didn't understand that that was what he was doing at the time; the fact that he's been manipulating the Witnesses this whole time, and getting them separated, and Abbie stuck in Purgatory before he gave Katrina to Death and broke the seal over Ichabod's half-buried body is all part of him working as one of the Horsemen (regardless if the seal was intact or not). So, that would mean that the way the writers are working it ... War came first, then, Death came (in the guise of Conquest) ... and at some point Famine came (who they are tying up with Pestilence ... who he shouldn't be tied with, since if he's typically counted amongst the four, he takes the place of Conquest, so that it becomes Pestilence, War, Famine, Death). The only one that they really haven't done anything with (as far as having him causing his own trouble, even though they've shown all four riding together already) is Conquest. Gah!! I don't know why it is apparently so hard to figure out the timeline of when each one appears, what color of horse each of them ride, or what devises that they known by. It's not as though Revelation is that long, or even the part where the Horsemen appear. And my brain is going to keep wanting to scream at them for not making sense according to canon (especially when it is so easy for them to fact check these things). I'm all for them being able to take a bit of creative license (such as turning Bram and Jeremy into Horsemen), but damn.

Speaking of taking creative license ... I really don't want there to be anymore Horsemen that are people who are/were tied to Ichabod and Katrina. One of them, fine. Two of them, ok, but starting to push it. Three is right out. I understand that Ichabod is one of the Witnesses, which would make him kind of important, and Katrina is a pretty powerful witch (which could make her important as well), but I have a hard time believing that the two of them would have pissed off enough people bad enough that they would have become Horsemen after their deaths (and as far as we know, it takes being pissed at them to make someone eligible for being a Horseman, since the two that we have gotten the backstory on have both been angry enough to burn the whole world down cuz of the two of them).

I don't necessarily want the other two Horsemen to be tied to Abbie (since that would still make the Horsemen somewhat of a tired trope at that point), but I have a feeling that it might be possible that they will be. And if it weren't pretty much impossible for it to happen (since we've already seen that all four of the Horsemen are already roaming around), and if it wouldn't have been extremely tired (since they've already gone the way of turning a family member into one of them), I'd say that they should turn Jenny into one of them ... but that comes more out of a sense that leaving a character looking like they might die at the very end of the season finale is kind of cheap and not at all suspenseful (but I put a lot of the blame for that at SPN's door, what with them killing one of their two leads (and two or three secondary characters) every single season finale ... and sometimes on their mid-season finale, too (and only having it actually stick one or two times).

I'm also having a bit of a problem with the whole thing of trust in this episode ... err, couple of episodes. Ichabod makes such a big deal about the fact that Abbie can trust him, that he isn't going to betray her and give her soul to Moloch, and he tries to prove it by burning the map ... and then, he almost immediately draws another one. D'oh!! She should have been far more pissed about that; not just that he betrayed her by redrawing it, but that now that it is physical again, Moloch can send one of his cronies to try and get it from them. Brilliant. I guess they needed a way to get the reveal that Parish was really Jeremy, get Katrina out of Purgatory, and separate Ichabod and Abbie, but still ...

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