Sunday, January 5, 2014

'Red Menace' -- Grimm 3x09

Warning: Spoiler Alerts

I really dug the effects that were used for Boris in his woge state on this one; it made him look kind of creepy and death-like when he did it (which I'm sure was the point of the whole thing). But I'm wondering why his blood would have looked green instead of red, and if it suggests that the physiology of the Wesen is really that much different than that of humans. I don't think that the writers have thought it through that far, and they were probably only having his blood and eyes turn that neon green cuz they wanted it to look cool on screen; but this is the place that my brain goes with it. I've already figured that there has to be something different about them ... but that they have to be close enough to humans that human doctors wouldn't get tipped off during an autopsy. I WANT MORE INFORMATION DANG IT!!

I also want some real answers as to how the Wesen know that Nick is a grimm. I'm beginning to think that my cousin may be on to something about them having to look at him when they are in their woge states (since that's when they seem to know what he is), but I still think that there may be a little more to it than that. I still like my idea of grimms being a branch of Wesen themselves (one that mutated so that they can't actually woge the way the other Wesen can, but they can still see it when others woge ... and that they may have a sort of woge state that only Wesen can see). And since Nick has two different Wesen (three if we're counting Renard) right there that could give him the answer, I still don't understand why he doesn't ask somebody. It doesn't make sense ... especially since it's a bit of information that he may end up finding out that he needs later on.

One thing that I do really dig about this show is how they take real life historical figures and interweave them into the mythos of the show. Turning Rasputin into one of the Koschie, giving a reason for the story about how hard it was for him to finally be killed (if you look at any of the accounts of what was done to him, it's kind of crazy how hard it was for the assassins that went after him to finally get rid of him). I also found the little bit of information that we found out about Renard to be kind of interesting. I believe that we are supposed to infer that his mother did the spell for Rasputin ... and we found out that he speaks Russian. Both of these things make me wonder why he didn't want to tell Myshkin that he was half-Zauberbiest. I have the feeling that he might have thought that if he had said something about what he was, Myshkin might have known who he was. I may be reaching a bit with this, but with all of the half-hints that they give us about Renard, it's hard not to try to piece together what is given and speculate about what may be going on.

But speaking about Renard: I was thinking that he was going to stay in Europe a little while longer. No, he wasn't going to be able to stay forever, especially when he left on such short notice, but I was thinking that there was going to be a little more done by him while he was there. But I suppose that he did enough (since he managed to stir the pot quite well, not only with freaking out Adalind, but also with rallying the resistance and making it seem as though he had Nick in his pocket).

The whole thing with Juliette's friend coming to stay with them ... I find it kind of hard to believe that she just happens to have this friend that is a Wesen ... who just happens to come stay with them, cuz she needs help getting away from her boyfriend. It just seems a little bit too convenient to me that what she really needs is help getting herself out of the bad situation that she's gotten herself into, and she just happens to be good friends with the girlfriend of the one Grimm around who has a reputation for being cool when it comes to being good to Wesen (especially those who need help). It feels a little too trite to me, but I realize that may just be my own reading of the situation.

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