Saturday, January 18, 2014

'The Good Soldier' -- Grimm 3x11

In honor of the part of Penelope Garcia's backstory that we found out about in the latest episode of "Criminal Minds," the mood music for this post will be presented to you by Queen (that is seriously one of my favorite songs by them).

Warning: Spoiler Alert

What is it with the past few episodes of this show where we either get a drop-off of Juliette so that there is a bit of focus on Monroe and Rosalee, or we get a drop-off of Rosalee and Monroe to get some focus on Juliette? It's entirely possible for the writers to have them all in the episodes without having one or two of them in there only long enough so it feels like they're only getting the headnod (in case we somehow forget them with the passage of one episode). It just feels a bit like the writers have somehow forgotten how to integrate all of the characters that make up the ensemble into the show ... but that may just be me.

I'm getting a bit bored with the Adalind storyline, and I don't think that I'm the only one who is. I don't venture much into fandom (cuz it tends to be a swirling vortex of pain and darkness), but the passing glances that I've made to the LJ community and the Google+ community that I'm a part of have at least let me know that I'm not the only one who could do without that particular storyline. The intrigue of it could be fun, but the writers don't spend enough time on it to properly flesh that out. But then, I'm really thinking of the intrigue that is involved with the royals and the resistance, and all of them trying to fight over the baby, cuz they think it's magic (ok, so, it is at least partially magic, being hexenbiest from its mother, but that's no the kind of magic that I was thinking of). I am wondering, however, why they would all want to get ahold of the magic!baby if it wouldn't be a legitimate heir to the throne (if it's Renard's, no one is going to care about it except for Renard; if it's Eric's, it's not going to have any place amongst the royals ... they proved that that was the case with the way that they treated Renard).

The fact that the writers brought another Steinalder into the show makes me wonder (yet again), just how singular Nick is with the way that he views the Wesen (as well as his "duties" as a Grimm). Aunt Marie had to've been someone who didn't think that she should go around killing as many Wesen as possible, since she was (at one point) engaged to a Steinalder; and it seems that Nick's attitude can possibly be shown as being partially genetic (since Marie was his aunt), but also to be partially the way that he was raised (since Aunt Marie was really the one who raised him ... I have the feeling that if his mom had stuck around, he would have turned out to be a very different person, indeed). I would adore having some more backstory on Aunt Marie to flesh her out a little bit, so that we can find out just how the Wesen community saw her (at least, those who knew her). We know that at least one Wesen was romantically linked to her, but that doesn't mean that anyone else would have trusted or liked her. But if she had a reputation amongst them for being at least somewhat "cool" in their books, I wonder if it would help him along with those who knew her (if only by reputation) when/if things start to get hairy with the royals.

I'm getting more and more the feeling that the writers are going to turn Juliette into Nick's research assistant (so to speak). It is cool to see her get involved with it all (and to have another nerdy/bookworm character), but I wonder if it's the writers having a Girl Friday character that would pick up the slack from where Monroe and Rosalee should be (since the two of them don't seem to be hanging with the Scooby Gang anymore, and are off doing their own thing). Maybe?

The writers didn't do a really good job of making it seem like Rosalee's mother and sister hated her, and that she should have been afraid to back to see them. It was obvious that her sister was angry with her, but it never came close to full-on hate; and her mother seemed nothing but nice (sure, things were a bit awkward, how could they not have been). I suppose we could always handwave the whole thing with the build up as Rosalee feeling guilty (while knowing that they were upset with her), and she blew everything out of proportion, but it would have been nice if there was the follow-through to all of the build up that we had been getting.

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